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This site is currently being refurbished, but it is still operational and new content is being created and added as you read.

The purpose of this website is to help you to Gain self-knowledge and develop positive habits.




Conscious Growth

The Philosophy Of Personal Development, Philosophy Of Life

The Philosophy of Personal development is ultimately about,

incorporating the Core Principles of Personal development into daily habits and routines.

The Philosophy of personal development is a Philosophy of self-actualisation or we can say a philosophy of making yourself actively making you.

This may be done by overcoming a challenge such as Dyslexia or  Relationships, Finding time to study while working two Jobs, Running a Business, Personal organization, finding Motivation, Physical handy cap, Health issue or Illness/ Learning Disabilities, Overcoming Additions. Making your self-starts with your goal.

The Core Principle of the Philosophy of Personal development


Love and unity

Conscious Habits

Wisdom and smarts


self-knowledge your centre