The Forgotten Keys Of Time Management…

Where Time management starts…  Part 2 of the Time Management series. Part 1 The early bird gets the worm

Every one has 24 hours to play with…  Some produce wonderful works of art in 24 hours, some move forward in there Personal or business development in this time… Others produce nothing. some lay the foundations for great empires, others wallow in mediocracy. some make great personal successes, some make great spiritual successes, some are fighting, some are loving, some are seeking greater overstanding of life’s mysteries, some are wondering, some are just contented and then their are some people who are schedule freaks. People who over schedule, trying to jam as much in to the day as humanly possible…  People who live each moment with one eye on the clock hell bent on completing all the tasks on the to do list, rushing to work rushing back home, rush to do this and rushing to do that, I must admit I was one of those people, until I learnt to” just chill out and operate on a more conscious relaxed pace.”

Forgotten key one… Plan free time

Ok you’re aiming to be a professional at managing your time, maximising your productivity and making the most out of your time by jam packing your waking hours with tasks. It’s all good planning this and doing that, but you’re, Not a human doing machine you’re a human being… Plan some play time.

Forgotten key two… Plan time to just Be

Stop buzzing around for a bit. Take some time to be, enjoy sitting in your skin. It’s important to plan to do Nothing . I am not talking about neglecting large portions of your day or week, but a couple of hour’s or even a day’s depending on your life style and responsibilities. Failure to take time out can lead to burn out tiredness laziness, irritability delusion… take time out to go for a walk , take time out to meditate, take time out to sit in your skin and breathe.

Forgotten key three…  Get out and have fun

Give yourself permission…

to have some fun and relax,  Be responsible, be adult what ever that means… don’t use this time as an excuse to misbehave, that’s would be  just silly. Be responsible don’t  misbehave you’ll just be moving backwards. Keep to your code but don’t make it so ridged that you restrict your Spontaneity and creative energises.

Forgotten key four… Set time aside for better Personal management

Set time aside to balance and gaining a better understanding of your feelings, drives goal for a greater personal connection and vision. This is crucial to continued growth, development, wellbeing goal attainment  – so make time for this period, in the and long/short term it is of vital importance, because you are the centre of your world. If you are not working and positively connected inside (knowing where your going) you can’t possible make things positively work outside to the best of your ability, your performance will suffer – Be a pro and make time to manage yourself. Put pen to paper and review your personal world… its all about Selfrenewal by renewing your vision.

More Me time in the day time…

Plan breaks  in between your day time working schedule  this is an important part of time management, its like giving yourself a mental and emotional defrag , this helps you organise or reset your mental and emotional self. I find that a daily dose of meditation is fantastic for sorting and arranging my mental files. Check out How to use Meditation to enhance your performance .

The more clear and settled you are, is  more productive you’ll be… You won’t be walking around with tons of mental baggage.  A simple walk can help to De-stress (Check out feeling pissed)

You are the centre of your world,

forgotten key five… Be conscious be in the moment

At different time in are lives we all travel or pass through various modes or expressions of conscious Awareness, experiencing different feelings and mental states which shapes and influences our usage of time. When your sole mission is to get things done, attempting to fit ever thing into a mechanical order, you can run the risk of missing those magical moments with our children, friends and family and yourself.

Take some time to connect with people, your family, friends people you meet in passing. instead of just  giving a quick hello…  “how are you”…  I’ve got to run…  good bye as you may sometimes do,  have a little chat. if you Do rush around, do you even know why your rushing around, sometimes its just habitual – stop and think about it, Be conscious be in the moment, your not a robot… live with feeling, live with passion.

Get to know your patterns and triggers

Keep equilibrium in mind. It’s good to be focused, yes,  It’s good to have a plan and defined goals yes.

As you learn and grow,  As you gain a deeper awareness of your emotions and drives you will see patterns emerging. Patterns and habits, Thoughts and feeling  you will be more aware of your behavioural triggers. Triggers are the cartelist of your behavioural responses, the more time you set yourself to know yourself is the better control you have over your time and productivity. It starts with awareness and with awareness you will be more able to recognise, navigate and influence the periods change and growth in your live.

Forgotten key five Use time to your advantage

When you’re aware of are own periods of change, you will and can plan more effectively, doing what needs to be done, as the game of life demands. Sometimes you may find yourself in a stage of pondering…  feeling a bit lost, as to your direction. This stage may persist for days, weeks, months or even years; it’s a natural process that can and will benefit you, if  you use period to your advantage. It really means that you must define and direct your direction or at the very least define and know who you are.

“Do some thing with yourself”  find a hobby give yourself  over to new experiences… aid in your  conscious growth.  It is pointless running around doing things without regrouping to review your mission or direction – give yourself direction and clarity it feels great to be clear on where and what your doing.

I remember Anthony Robbins…

saying something like; In our pondering we make our greatest breakthroughs or some thing to that effect. we’ve all had periods of deep pondering, periods of thought or mental isolation, it can be positive if you look for the lessons, its like some kind of a foetal stage, where you can transform from one state to another – make it a positive transformation by doing the necessary introspection, planning, along with growth orientated activities and hobbies injecting positive material into your head and you will certainly emerge stronger.

The problem with a ridge diary

Allocating time for the UN manifested or the not yet born, take the time to explore the moment, take the time to communicate and interact with people. Sometimes we are “so on plan” that we miss countless moments of connections with other people, countless unborn smiles, un received gifts, creative thoughts and moment of inspiration when running around like a headless chicken.

Take the time to just go for a walk; we often discover things or events that we could never have planned for, things that just come out of the blue though divine providence, right into your lap especially if you are looking for it on some level.

I’ve found that when I over schedule and fill in every hour of my day with things to do, I get a lot of things done but I feel like a human doing machine, I feel that I have miss out on what I call that unplanned gifts. These unplanned gifts and moments of creative insights or knowledge that may be found in the unplanned moment but have connection to goals and wider vision or things that just enrich your life in general. Information on the web or in a book, spontaneous moments of fun, gifts that are received and given in conversation with a friend or a friendly face you just happen to bump into in the supermarket, a interaction that leaves both of you walking away feeling for filled, which you would of missed when doing the headless chicken act.

Mysterious forces of time and space

Their are environmental forces inside and around us, some people call it the hidden hand some people call it the force some people just call it good old fashioned god, whatever you want to call it there’s some kind of spiritual force behind things that seem to just come together out of the blue, connecting people and places at the that time, if you cant feel it just continue to call it a”co in side dence”!.

Anyway this force seems to guide our minds to people and places. Sometimes we may feel that longing for solitude I believe it’s a time to connect with this force, opening your heart and mind reading positive and inspirational works. In and amongst these drives we still have to make our lives work. By doing the outer maintenance jobs so to say such as going to work, getting up to date and completing projects, maintaining relationships.

Final thoughts – it’s a bit deep

Use meditation to just let go, look for that space where their is No time /movement, No thoughts.

Food for thought

Today is yesterdays tomorrow so use your movements wisely it’s said we are swimming the sea of creation in a never ending present as life/movement unfolds herself before our eyes, we humans have the power to splash or make ripple or even waves in the substance of potentiality. What do you call time…? Time is really the observation of movement, if theirs no movement, theirs no time.

Put pen to paper

It’s time for the compiling and organising of your thoughts, which aids in the reflective process? Allow what’s in your head to flow. Consider time alone to write in your journal, as being a priority, because clarity is power.

Read positive inspiring material, material which will enrich you, helping you to get where you’re going. when you go to bed, dream the brightest of dreams and upon awakening, live your dreams.

Where Time management starts…  Part 2 of the Time Management series. Part 1 The early bird gets the worm

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