Persistence, Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize

Keeping your eyes on the prizeIn boxing it’s not the last punch that wins the fight. The last punch only seals the deal!

How the hell can you and I stay on target with our goals that were set, after some moment of inspiration when you were listening to some Personal development guy chirping on about “YOU CAN DO IT,  THE  POWERS  IN YOU”. Now you  find yourself  in the middle of, The Main event and the star is you. Its time for you to pull the rabbit out of the hat,  but hell is breaking out around you, and have not seen the sunrise of your vision as yet, should you still be smiling!

Hold on to your vision

Yes yes Yes hold on to your vision,  why because at this time and place we or just going though the process. In the online world we are educating, building relationships, delivering  great value. On the offline world some of us are juggling the day job, the school run, family and social life and our goals. I heard somewhere that success is not a destination its a process, successfully getting up that much earlier, successfully showing up to do that days work, successfully smiling when you originally felt like frowning. So of course you may feel pissed off when you’ve been running for weeks on end solid and you can’t see any shift in the weight, but to the learner-ed observer they can see that you’re in the process.

“When riding a bike every turn of the wheel brings you closer to your top speed after that your just cruising.”

Frustration is a bitch, we need to turn it into a lady with a great smile and a body to die for, but first we must mature and treat our emotional frustrations like progressive adults. Knowledge is the key to set your mind and emotions free. We must love and protect our emotions as a lady should be loved protected. we most arm her with the weapons she needs to defend her self  from these bad guys fear, negative thinking, closed mindedness. “Success can be attained in any branch of human labour, there’s always room at the top. In any pursuit concentrate all your thoughts and energy upon the performance of your duties. ”. Andrew Carnegie

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