SEXY Foreplay… The Key To Goal Setting…

How to seduce your subconscious

  • Do you find it hard to get your self in the mood when its comes to “Action time”!
  • Is your desire and motivation at a low point –
  • Do you feel the need to spice up your motivation levels by giving  your mind a Good Seeing too…

Well your at the right place…

Without the need for pills, drugs or alcohol – You can get the blood rushing through your love muscles with full intensity, once you learn how to seduce your subconscious, into taking action towards the actualization of your goals.

With a bit of sexy foreplay before show time, you’ll be taking action towards your goal’s – working it, like a rabbit on viagra, hitting it Hard… Get ready for the ride of your life, your mind wants you to take command and rule from inside… You just need to Come at the right angle,  You’re the king and your queen (mind) wants to please you.

Foreplay before action

One of the most important elements of working towards your vision and goals is the foreplay – Its the foreplay that gets the ball rolling – It is the foreplay that really builds up your heat, getting your fire burning. As you get into your stride, heading for your goals, Ticking off thing’s on your to do list becomes exciting and fun, as you accomplish your goals and actualize your vision.

Tricks of the trade

Without foreplay, without turning up the heat, you’re not going to get your Will up hard and erect, their will be no penetration. Your action tools (mind) needs to be sizzling, wet and steamy before you can really get good results. If you don’t get your love tool (mind) erect and ready for action, you’ll be lucky to get it though the front door, let alone “hit it” . If you do get though the front door with out foreplay its more then likely that you’ll just be going though the motions with no feeling and intimacy, no fire and little excitement. Detached from your goals and purpose doing it just to past time. Once you familiarize your self with some tricks of the trade, you can spice up your sex life, sorry I mean Goals!

Clarity can make your goals and vision sexy and exciting all over again.

The process of attaining your goals can be fun.  Rediscover what made you so excited and passionate about your  goals by reviewing your mission statement, notes and paper work. A reviewing helps Clarify your vision. In reviewing and updating your programme you can being your work up to date by adding or removing content, this will give your goals/vision new life.

Know your goal

Your Vision should always stay fresh in your minds eye – because without vision the general act of making love to your Goals gets boring over time. This means refining your goals and keeping a clear picture of what you are aiming for and the reasons why you want it.. so much.

Get more vocal… use your mission statement as a affirmation to build vision and give direction

If you tend to be the silent type, while your showing her who’s boss – ( I mean – programming and conditioning your subconscious with affirmations, reviewing your goals). Consider getting a bit more vocal. Add some passion to your conditioning time.  It is nice to add a little flirting or dirty talk into the mix – Read your goals out loud in front of  a mirror or to a Dictaphone…  Sound vibrations helps to get your subconscious aroused and ready to go.

Seduce your subconscious with good conditioning

You can start simply by adding a bit of sexy talk into your routine, affirmations, singing – just make it relevant and fun… Every time you catch your image in the mirror say something sexy, like am the boss and am going to make you so happy, “Am active in the game”, brace your self  – because theirs work to be done. As soon as we hit the desk am going to show you my Will, Your going to be streaming for more,  feel my passion explode baby – I don’t care if the neighbors hear… it show time.

Opening up the intimacy between you and you subconscious mind

Write about your fantasies see the scenarios that may come up once you’ve meet your goals.. spend some time to visualize it or write about this will stimulate your mind and arouse your feeling. even if you are just spend a minute or two visualizing or writing out your vision and plan the activity for the day ahead, its a great habit and makes the mood a little more light hearted, sexy, and fun the next day.

Keep a positive state of mind

You can do this while in the bath or when moisturizing your body before bed a nice massage which really help to release tention as you put your self in a positive state before bed. By using sensual or hot oils you can really set the mood before a nice sexy session of mediation or yoga, which will serves to make you relax calm and focused.

Build a sexy vision

Meditation and visualization are important aspects of foreplay. Women love to be kissed everywhere, so does your subconscious mind. See and feel the completions of your orgasm… How will the end result of seeing goal your goal make you feel… How will it transform you.

Think, feel , see Long term

Set hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Set goals for the next two, five, ten years – turn her on. Setting goal really does get your subconscious aroused it gives you extended vision clarity purpose. By having sex with her.. I mean stimulating your sense of vision and purpose you are showing her your subconscious you care and want to make passionate love to her.
Sorry I got sex on the brain.. need mediation need a ice cold bath, let start again!

Develop desire

By showing your subconscious that your are really passionate about your goals and desires to transform or accomplish your mission she will aid you with what you need but first you must turn her on.

Mind Tool

Along with the use of yoga, meditation, affirmations, visualization and writing you can tease her and titillate her senses by increasing your knowledge about what ever area your are moving into or working in she loves knowledge she love to by exposed to new environments.

Be creative with your time

It doesn’t always have to be in the bed room. Foreplay can start hours before while riding on a bus or train in the park while walking these’s can be great times to think and connect with your thoughts and day dreams. Use this time to write, read a inspirational book or read on your phone or laptop.. she loves it.

Good conditioning keeps you a target

Just by teasing her and touching her in all the right places your mind can stay turned on and tuned into your purpose, vision and goal. I think it was Anthony Robbins who said you must turn your dreams into a magnificent obsession. So again in the words of Robbins “Live with Passion”


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