Interview with An Ant

Interview with an Ant is Humorous Look at role modeling


My interview with an AntRecently I’ve been writing a lot about goal setting and persistence, to support my articles I have been doing some background research, you know surfing the net, reading through my good old library when it hit me, well to tell the truth I squished it.  I squished it in between the pages of Anthony Robins best selling book Unlimited Power, I didn’t do it purposefully it was a accident, was trying to save it but it got caught up in Robins Personal Power, flattened into one dimensional space, at that point it hit me.

Anthony Robbins says that you should model the greatest achievers in your field and their it was right under my nose, well flattened in the book, that dam Ant I inadvertently killed was my mentor to be and I just killed him “shit”. Lucky for me that my new mentor had a couple of friends hiding out behind Tony Buzan book Use your head.

Think Big

I’m telling you the ants in my place have really been doing their research. I went away on holiday to Jamaica and when I came back these guys were running my home office. Their was one ant with a huge head sitting at my desk like it owned it. It was confidently sitting at my computer, steering over the key board at the monitor, it didn’t even try to run, it turned its head and just looked at me “like come on, what’s your password” now that one had to get squished along with his colleagues, that crew was just to smart.

Organization is key

I’m telling you these Ant’s were over intelligent, I got rid of them not just for my good but for the good of man kind, if those guys accessed the internet man kind would be finished before 2012, all it would take is one email to their brothers in Africa and that would be it for us those ants out in Africa run tings as they say in Jamaica. They run the jungles, deserts, hell if they could swim they would have conquered the world millions of years ago. Do you know these ants or not just warriors but architects too, these guys build pyramids and skyscrapers.

As I said I just came back from Jamaica those ants out there have complex motorways 50 ants wide and couple million long, yeah that right I’ve been watch them, doing my own research on these little menses do you know what I found out the British ant are not just organized but smart too, believe me they have board meeting and personal development seminar, trust me they even take notes, they would have taken my laptop and my books if they could get it throw their mini door to their H Q.  These guys have some kind of university or research institutes behind my bookshelf.

So I’ve come to the conclusion now, I’m modelling the ants behind my bookshelf. I want their transporters technology and I’m not going mad here, I’ve noticed some of them have the power of instant translocations, they just teleport when they see your finger coming.

What did I learn from the ants?

  1. Size does not matter, it’s what’s in your head and how you use it that is what counts.
  2. Life’s a team effort one for all and all for one, theirs no I in team

Realisation  3 If ants can work as one unit with their mini brains and build super empires what can we achieve when we grow past our egos and greed, how will we be living when we expand our consciousness to oneness and stop living like morons!!


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