How To Stay On Target With Your Goals

Part 1 of 2 part Goal setting  series

At the beginning of the year many of us set goals or new years resolutions, and some of us have left our New Years resolutions at the New Year, its all good, what’s important is the intention behind the goal.. just think of it as a learning curb and pick up where you are right now and get to work whether its taking small or massive action – TAKE  ACTION as Robbins says.

Knowledge of self

Its all about learning  how to stay on target with your Goals and meeting  your targets. The learning takes place inside, through experience… what you read in books or on sites like only acts as a guide… the real terrain is in the dynamics of your own life, be conscious of your own pattern, study them and keep record – knowledge of self  is key…. KEEP AT IT

Setting foundation goals

Some of the most important goals you can set are foundation goals, for some people these goals are to spend more quality time with family, friends, improve fitness/health and to better our finances to being at the top of your game in your industry and  adding a much value as you can..  bring more love your home and to the world.

The rest is more or less dependent upon or connected to the above mentioned, as a foundation of stability and happiness in the material and social sense of the word.

How to stay on target with your Goals?

We can achieve our goals New Years resolutions/goals with the following.

1. A well detailed  A to Z plan of action

Set youself  a,  A to Z  plan of action.  Start with the goal in mind  and work backwards from your end result to where you are right now filling in all the steps you have to take.   You must review your plan on a daily basis, you must see it clearly in your minds eye, so get it down on paper

2. Follow through

Every day you must do something big or small to meet your goal the key is consistency

3. Having a persistent attitude

Have a persistent attitude…  if shit happens clean it up and keep moving, learn to deal with your frustrations turn frustration into curiosity, keep in mind that your not a kid so don’t throw tantrums

4. Open mind – Having the open mindedness to learn from the past results/experiences whether it be positive or negative

5. Take note – Notice the impacted of your results and take note

6. Learn and build -Refining your plans as you gain experience and build on your results

Cold blooded success killers

Internal Resistance

What is internal resistance?  There are many kinds of internal resistance which can and will slow you down if you let it, Look out for these bad boys  they are  Cold blooded killers of success..

#Negative thinking
#Negative Self Talk
#Lack of will power
#Limiting beliefs
#Bad habits
#Bad mental food

These bad boys will get in the way of the realisations of our goals and ambitions if left unchecked.
We will always be faced with some kind of resistance when we set out to make changes in your lives. A plan and some practical knowledge of how to deal with these’S bad guys will get you your end result.

Internal Resistance in the Form of Fears

Internal resistance in the form of fear is normally the result of ignorance. the lack of knowledge or understanding, popular opinion, Negative associations, some other conditioning fuels the fear and is replayed as actual knowledge.

Negative Self Talk

Internal Resistance in the Form of Negative Self Talk. Negative self talk is a major contributor to internal resistance. Do you hear people specking negatively to them selves? I often here people saying the most horrible things to and about themselves, They say things like I am so stupid, I am a fool, I’m just know good, I am always making mistakes, I’m such a idiot, This kind of self talk is counter productive slowing down your efforts. Negative talk is abusive to peak mental performance and abusive to your Goals. Check out 10 Ways to Master Positive Speech… Continued… How to kill the killers of success…


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