The Art Of A Successful Player

Life and sport are worlds apart but what they both have in commons is that In order to get what you want, you must work on your talents and refine your skills, this is the philosophy all successful players share.

This philosophy can be seen right a cross the board. Take these three very different characters for example. Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Tyson. They didn’t get to their level of success because they were talented or gifted. Will smith makes a very important point when he says that talent is some thing we all have, but skill come from hours and hours of beating away at this talent. What Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Tyson and Will Smith have in common is a  powerful philosophy! of self growth.

The power of your philosophy

  • Your philosophy helps you to keep your eyes on the prize
  • Your philosophy will keep you to banging on when you feel banged out
  • Your philosophy will keep you to moving on and push forward over and over again until the moment you score.

The biggest secret is that this progressive philosophy is not some thing you have to learn, its inside you already!

The Truth about you

If it was not for your innate Philosophy you would not be reading this now and I wouldn’t have wrote these lines. There was a time in your life when you weren’t able to comprehend these words or much else for that matter. You have already conquered the biggest challenges of your life.

You learnt to walk; you learnt to deciphered and speak an alien language. By the age of 4 – 6 you refined the basics of reading. This took hard work and practice and you got there in the end, I got there in the end too, but it took 20 years more, but who’s counting, all good things are worth the effort, now I have enjoyed the pleasure of reading hundreds of books and writing thousands of words throughout the pages of this blog. Between you and me, the truth is that every game has a winning formula.  Here are 12 philosophies that will secure your place in the game of life.

1. Conditioning, your programming is in your hands

The successful player conditions the mind for success, Positive thinking, Study, though trial and error or whatever it takes to keep in the game. A successful philosophy will train your mind to focus on the prize or goal like a lazer.

To maintain this lazer focus takes conditioning. Like Jesus said be child like. Think like a baby, when you fall get back up. Like a baby, keep speaking regardless if anybody understands you or not. ( Remember what Will said, you must beat away at it) The basics of conditioning is to keep holding on and turn your weakness into your strength.

2. Eat and breathe a progressive  philosophy

What makes a successful player!.. Is that He/She lives by their personal philosophy. Let you philosophy define you; make it apart of you basic character. Arnold Schwarzenegger took his philosophy from the Gym, to Hollywood, to the Senate. His philosophy is something he lives by.

3. Work with the cards you’ve been dealt

Successful players make it a habit to identify the areas in life that can be improved upon, in order to better their results. Mike Tyson was not the largest boxer, in fact when he started people said he was too short and too skinny, he worked on his strength and he used his size to his advantage.

4. Be the true you Now

Successful players align their daily life with their ideal mental image of what their life should represent. This means being the person you really believe you are.

5. Embrace mistakes and focus on success 

Progressive players learn from mistakes and failures. What some people see as mistakes and failure’s, the progressive player views as trial runs for the main event. This is the process of self actualisation.

6. Practice, review, practice

The successful players, directs, their growth consciously fine tuning their skills and talents to play the game, to the best of their ability.

7. Be your own boss… Thank how can I help myself

The successful players is proactive in the game of life, living consciously, taking control, or at least seeking influence over the events that shape and effect his/her life

8. Inner wisdom… Ask yourself intelligent questions

Look inside for the answers, Kids often asks questions when they already know the answer, adults often do the same thing, you already know the answers to many of your issues. You already hold the keys!

9. Self management… for peak performance

Mike Tyson once said that to accomplish your goals you must keep training keep working no matter how you feel, moods are irrelevant, this is self management and the root of personal power.

Self management starts by getting the best out of your emotions, intelligence, disciplines, attitude, fitness, mental skills and habits. All the areas mentioned are all manageable and under your influence to some degree. Asserting influence over the above aspects will positively affect the way you interact with and perceive the world around you.

11. Reflect… To Grow

Taking time to reflect will help you process what’s going on around you…Take time to learn from the past, in order to move forward. You’ll find that taking the time to reflect and meditate speeds up the learning process, keeping a daily journal helps wonderfully in setting new goals.

12. Continued Daily Progress… Thanks + 1

Continued daily progress is the goal, being better today then yesterday and better tomorrow then today, that’s a great affirmation by the way. Let me say it again, better today, then yesterday and better tomorrow then today. Write it out and commit it to memory.


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