The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Where Time management starts Part 1  series… Part 2 The forgotten keys of time management

Add some va va vroom to your day, turbo boost your productivity – open up the unused spaces in your diary. Yes the early bird gets the worm. The early bird finds the bathroom is always free, breakfast is never rushed, traffic – ha, that only exits in the world of the late arrivals. By the time the crowd have rolled out bed, the early bird has already had a leisurely walk to the local gym, had a swim, returned home, read a chapter or two of a book, had breakfast, reviewed the day ahead, checked e-mails, made a comment or two on their favourite social media sites and would be well under way on their chosen project.

How do early birds make it look so easy

The early bird finds that time management is as easy as plucking a worm out of the ground. How does he make it look so simple, he creates an extra three and a half to four hours every day to play with, because he/she knows the Benefits of being an early bird…

1. Waking up early will get her metabolism in motion. She can also use the extra time to do some yoga or go for a run.

2. He knows he will look stronger more focused and brighter. he also knows he can amplify the positive effects of rising early by using the extra time he opened up to tune his mind, body and spirit with a workout and some meditation, before he takes on the world.

3. She loves being fashionable but she’s not into the Droopy tired, “l just rolled out of bed look”… No Not her, she’s a early riser, being a early riser gives your mind and face time to wake up.

4. These’s guys stand out from the just got out of bed crowed. When they arrive at their first morning appointment or place of work, they will ” role up” looking professional, strong and confident ready to kick ass, they are firing on all four cylinders while their associates will be dragging their bodies around, with a cups of coffee attach to their faces.

+4 . Ladies… make up won’t help you!

Girls, it just does not matter how much make up you pile on your face, its just not enough to hide the just got out of bed look. The sleepy face shines through as a reminder of the fact that you just got out of  bed, jumped into your clothes and applied your make up on the run as you made a dash out of the house, there’s no substitution for the fresh faced look. Rising early gives your whole body time to wake up for the day, making you look fresh faced and attractive.

5. When you rise early you will have time to pay attention to getting dressed, you won’t be in so much of a hurry that you get your trousers leg caught up in your socks or your skirt stuck in your knickers.

6. By 9.00am your mind will be bang in gear. Especially if you’ve done your daily rising workout or hour of power and simulated your mind with some Nintendo ds brain training.

7. The early bird knows it good discipline, it shapes character, gives a great sense of fulfilment, accomplishment knowing that you’ve extended your day and lived a bit more.

8. You will be creating extra time to do more of the things you want to or need to do.. theirs always time.

9. Get ahead of the competition! If you’re a made man or woman in the making, being an early riser really is the ticket you need to add more time and value to the day insuring the multiplication of your successes. While the competition is counting sheep – you will be counting laps around the park and ticking off items on your can do list while sipping on you second cup of mint tea.

Rise early with maximum energy

Can you do it – Yes you can. It’s totally possible to rise at 4.30am fresh, alert and ready to go, how do I know this; I’ve been doing it for years. Rising a 4.30 may seem a extreme for some people but 7.00 is definitely doable for the majority, I feel the need to get up that little bit earlier to get my mind into gear before the start of my day, that means exercising which may be done in doors or in the park, meditation, reviewing plans and goals, chilling out for 30 minuets then getting to work on one of my projects. Rising early is a must do, besides for most of my working life I have been getting out of bed early for other people, I most certainly deserve and owe it to myself to get out of bed early for the sake of my own business.

To be perfectly honest with you if you wish to wake up for a 4:30/5:00 start on a daily basis and feel full of energy you need to have a decent amount of sleep. Avoid eating too late and keeping you body in pretty good shape pays off too. In preparation for an early start I avoid eating late this is partly because I do my meditation and yoga before I rest for the night.

My Yoga routine maybe anywhere between ten minuets to an hour plus.
The benefits of yoga before bed are numerous but in short doing yoga before bed relaxes the muscles and mind for a better nights sleep. During the course of the day muscle tension builds up, a small amount of this tension is dropped when we sleep but yoga really irons out those cresses removing tension for a better night sleep.

As I was saying earlier, a big part of my initial reasoning behind becoming an early riser was that I’ve been getting out of bed for years, waking up 5:00 am for a 7:00am start. Back then the motivation to get out of bed was external. I would rather stay in bed, I didn’t really want to go to work anyway, who does for that matter, we go just for the money, well I know I didn’t want to get out off bed, but I had to because I would lose my job, no job, no money. The desire to rise early and be happy about it comes from inside especially if the gun that fires the bullet “your fired” is not being held to your head.

Got time on your hands self, get busy shaping and reshaping your life make sure your out off bed by 7:00am go for a run or engage in some kind of physical activity. Have an hour of power as Anthony Robbins calls it, which is your hour to work out and get your mind into gear after that, you can settle down and get to work on your goals.

If you are unemployed  you can make massive accomplishment by opening up the start of  your day.  In the morning you can read, exercise, plan your day ahead –  there’s nothing stopping you. Don’t sell excuses to you self, get out of bed and employ your yourself. get to work on a  project – do the relevant research.

If you’re employed and you have to be out off the house by 6:00am you are going to have to be more creative, disciplined and organised with your time to make the most of the morning by pulling out an extra 40 – 60 min before you go to the plantation, sorry I mean work place, that’s what I was doing when I was working 12 hour shifts. With this time use it to do yoga and read.

To be honest with you in order to be an early riser and reap the rewards of a more productive lifestyle, I had to move out of my comfort zone and develop my discipline to the extent that I was forced to make some serious lifestyle changes, some of which were to stop eating late also to quite drinking and smoking.

Manage your energy, give yourself more time

As I began to develop the habit of rising early it became obvious that energy management was crucial. I practiced yoga in morning when I woke up and in the evenings before bed. I really began to develop a greater sensory of awareness of my mind, body and my energy. I became aware of how offensive or beneficial different substance’s are such as food, drugs or alcohol or activity such as yoga, cycling or running, not to forget about how bad I felt when smoking weed or drinking especially how it made me feel in the morning when trying to out off bed. I had to draw a line in the dirt, and choose what side I was going to operate on old lifestyle along with unproductive lifestyle of kicking back drinking and smoking weed late at night with friends, or new lifestyle of health, fitness, energy, vitality being fulfilled making the most of my time by being an early bird .

I notice many positive results in many areas in my life as I got into the habits of rising early and the unproductive habits that had affected my overall health, energy and effectiveness had to be sacrifice in order to become a 4: 30am riser with bounds of energy, it really makes a difference. If you are somebody who really wants to change your life in a truly holistic manner the habits of being an early bird along and somewhat of a yogic lifestyle really works for starters. The discipline needed to be an early riser will filter through into other areas of your life – its all positive!

Where Time management starts Part 1  series… Part 2 The forgotten keys of time management


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