How To Enter The Subconscious… Candle Meditation

The humble Candle-When used in meditation the candle can be an excellent concentration and awareness tool. The candle exercise can also be a great tool for programming the other states of the conscious mind.

The illumination of subconscious – Candle Meditation

The humble Candle – When used in meditation the candle can be an excellent concentration and awareness tool. The candle exercise can also be a great tool for programming the other states of the conscious mind…. check out Secrets of the third eye and crown chakra for a step by step guide to meditation

Follow the steps just as we learned in the chakra meditation/exercise – but this time you’re going to light up a candle and put it some 30 cm away, at the level of your eyes.  gaze at the candle’s flame and focus your attention on it for 15 minutes or so, working your way up to an hour over time.

Your will vs. your emotions and impulses

In the candle meditation you will come into direct conflict with your emotions and impulses. Your will vs. your emotions and impulses – which will be the victor?!

Let your thoughts arise into awareness let them come and go, don’t respond to your thoughts,  observe them just like your watching TV or listening to the radio, detach yourself  the  experience just watch listen and feel… be an observer.

During  meditation you may feel yourself drifting off to sleep…. if this happen stay true to your resolve and complete your task… the urge to sleep is normal, remember your goal… if for instance your goal is to do a  15 minute  meditation, give your self the satisfaction of accomplishing  its…  its literally mind over matter…  if you don’t accomplish your target goal  “give up your wasting your time, meditation is not for you… you tried and you failed bad luck!… Na just kidding… that attitude can’t work… On the serious side if you don’t reach your timed goal learn from the experience and do it again, again, again until you complete it, then set your self a new goal.

Is totally normal to go to sleep when your feeling sleepy especially if your minds not being entertained or stimulated… so when you are feeling the urge to give in and take a nap…  remember   you have no problem sitting in front of the TV or playing computer games for hours on end and you don’t necessarily fall asleep… you must be able to sit and watch the candle for 15 minute, if you find 15 minute two easy great continue building your mental muscle and endurance try half an hour or even an hour.

Developing your awareness

The candle exercise develops your ability to maintain conscious awareness which intern gives you discipline of mind, greater thought control and mental awareness.  You will gain some new and wonderful insights into what goes on in your own mind. You will gain an awareness of your thought stream… which is information coming into consciousness.

Thought stream

When you become aware of your thought stream, its a cue that your entering into another state of consciousness…   you can glance at some what is happening or being processed in the your head…. this is a great opportunity to implant new positive impressions into your mind. When implanting new impressions you may use affirmations, visualisation or a smile and be peaceful.

Spend some time getting to know the thought steam.. this means doing nothing but observeing   your thoughts  in a detach manner until you have meet your goal… when done give Thanks for being guided.

Today did you live up to your values

In the evening or before you go to bed use meditation to probe your mind and review your day. Clear your mind of negative thoughts and resolve ill feeling. Take these opportunities to give thanks and feel gratitude. Doing this exercise on a daily bases and you will gain a greater level of self awareness peace and self connection. I have found this technique fantastic for resolving emotional issues and gaining greater clarity it’s – been mind saver.

Developing your awareness

with your highest values…? In the new age African spiritual tradition the term Maat is used which means balance, order, love, unity. It’s a great way of putting your intention into perspective, to put it in one did you act for the greater good in your interactions, or was you small minded and egotistic self centred, if you was its cool… we all act like morons sometimes … what really counts is that you realise it. Now except it and see your self acting the right way let go of unwanted feelings and change them for more desirable ones.

When you reviewing rewind your thoughts back to the beginning of your day – give yourself a performance check.

Relationships and proformance check list

  • Attitude check
  • Were you a nice guy/girl?
  • Where your interactions positive
  • Productivity
  • How productive were you today – how could have been more productive

meditation  is the secret to continuous daily improvement… Make yourself or you will be made of paper mashie by default when the rain comes you will just melt away – Incubus


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