How To Use Meditation To Enhance Your Performance

“Meditation is to the mind as fire is to the Night,” L.G Christie.

  • How to accelerate your Personal development with meditation, and get Peck performance results

The mind is the play ground of life, the stage where life takes place, think about it, your thoughts, feeling, memories, experiences, knowledge, hopes, dreams, aspirations, desires, fears and habits are results of mental activities, that you have or are actualizing into physical reality from the depths of your mind. Meditation offers you the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into your own psychology.

The best thing about meditation is that it is free, you can use it any time, you can progress at your own pace, unlocking more of your intelligence, revelling your inner Giant.

  • Meditation will allow you to Progress faster toward your goals whether material or spiritual. Using Meditation as a tool in your Personal development will make you a more astute business person, a better student, a calmer and wiser parent, a better leader of people.

At Your Best

Think back to one of those days when you were firing on all four cylinders, getting things done effortlessly, communicating with family, friend, colleagues, in an effective manner, a manner that left you and the other people you came into contact with feeling positive about your interaction, successfully dealing with the events that arose in the day like a master.

  • Question: why do some days run so smoothly like the above example, while others drag on and on, leaving you longing for the day to end.
  • Answer: Your state of mind. It is your state of mind that has the biggest effect upon the way you handle your day, relate to people and the way other people relate to you.

The Mind Body Connection

Let me quickly take a moment to introduce another key factor you must consider that affects your state of mind and that is your energy levels.

It is important that one cultivates ones energy’s to meet the demands of the day because your energy levels have a profound effect upon your mental state and productivity.

Cultivation of Energy

  • Their are many ways to cultivate energy. We can basically categorise exercises into two forms – Internal and External.
  • Internal exercises consists of such Arts as Thi Chi, Yoga and Qi Gong etc. The internal Arts promote, all round physical strength, correct breathing, concentration, will power to name a few of the benefits.
  • External exercise’s focus’s more on the development of ones muscles such as Weight Lifting and Aerobics Workouts. The Internal Arts are sometimes referred to as moving meditation.

Invest time into learning and practicing one of more of internal arts, its like smashing two bottles with one stone, you get to cultivate energy and calm the mind.

Energy management is a key element of Productivity

When your energy levels are abundant and your mind is balanced and calm your whole being is ready for Productive action. In this state of being you are more Confident, Focused, Centred and your mood’s lighter – you are a pleasure to be around. In such a state you’ll have more patients with people, you have greater will power, you are more Productive.

An abundant flow of energy, Plus a Positive attitude, Plus a balanced mind – Equals mental clarity. Mental Clarity goes a long way in insuring sunny, fun days even – if it’s raining, well that’s how it feels and that’s what counts! :)

On the other hand, a limited flow of energy and an unsettled mind tends to equal a negative day. Everything we do demands an investment of energy, when you haven’t got it give yourself, it is not possible to give to others and your productivity is compromised as a result.

Low energy levels affect your state of mind to the point where you would rather be at home sleeping the day away or a best sitting in front of the TV.

When your in the right state of mind, you coordinate the activities in your life with greater accuracy, your energies flow positively and effortlessly, your brain is responsive your perceptions are somewhat more clear and your being is balanced. It’s like the sun shines on everything you do turning it to gold, don’t you just love days like that, when you’re working effortlessly at your best.

Having the right state of mind is a Art, that can be cultivated and must be cultivated on a daily basis if you want to gain the most out of yourself and your current resources.

Clarity of Mind

In order to have more of the above days, your mind and body most be fine tuned like a musical instrument, your mind must be cleaned and defragged like a computer, using a sit down meditation, your hard disk must be scanned for bugs your operating system must be free of conflicting programmes that may slow you down or even shut down your whole system – look out for limiting beliefs.

Minds out of control Life seems to mirror what you put out

Imagine you’re a conductor of grand orchestra and you’re in the middle of a composition. You love your art, you know the music but your mind won’t stay focused to the job at hand…

Your mind is wondering racing ten to the dozen, kicking around negative thoughts and starring up feelings of doubt.

The audience behind you enters your mind
What are they thinking? You ask yourself.

You turn your attention back to the performance.
You start to question your own competence.
You don’t want to let your team down.

But the thought of letting them down replays over and over in your mind (stressing you out)
You break out in a sweat.

You can feel yourself losing your composure.
Come on pull yourself to together you say to yourself mentally.

You can feel your heart racing, your mind running wild.

You’re waving your hands like a mad man, in a desperate attempt to remain focused on the mission at hand, which is really you over compensating for your lack of focus.

So you are manically waving your arms like a crazed mad man in a confused state.
You see the confusion in the faces of group,
The orchestra is moving out off harmony it is you job to maintain the harmony Its make or breaks time.

The orchestra is following your ever movement and are mimicking your confusion…
You tell yourself you have all the internal resources to get the job done,
You close your eyes and take a mental chill pill,
You relax your body and listen with your heart

As you calm the orchestra calms, who are following your every move – You are the heart beat. Soon you start to build in your confidence and focus. The orchestra follows suit in perfect harmony and rhythm each member with it own unique sound is in with perfect harmony working as one..

Life’s Mirror

Life tends to mirror are mental state just as the orchestra react to the conductor. When you’re in a pissed off mood and acting it out, you attract more of the same responses from others, all you see is negativity. When you are in a positive mood you see things positively. When you’re negative you throw yourself out off harmony with the positivity around you. Regular meditations along with affirmation positively charges the mind.

You can see why it is important that we make the mind the focal point of our personal developmental journey and knowing what role meditation plays in order to gain greater control over your mental body positively charging and balancing the mind.

In order for you to release your potential, we need to gain an evolving mastery of the mind, we’ll take baby steps and before you know it we will be living tomorrow with a greater mastery, of the things that seemed difficult today, as we sow today you reap tomorrow.

Skills and Techniques

The Skills and Techniques we need to develop in order to have greater control over your direction in life, are all dependent upon the following abilities

1. Your Ability to Concentrate

Your ability to concentrate your mind on the task a hand is essential to any endeavour you can develop this skill with meditation.

2 Clarity of Mind

We must be able to think clearly in order to make balanced choice and decisions,
As ill choices are often the result of lack of clarity – you can develop greater clarity with meditation and reflection.

Having a clear mind essential to ability assimilate of new information and your ability to integrate it with your current knowledge and beliefs. Meditation and reflection aids in the integration of your knowledge, beliefs and actions

This is the key to living congruently, to truly live congruently your actions most be in line with your beliefs, knowledge and dreams.

Clarity is being connected with your self, being conscious of the present moment, in conscious connection with your thoughts, emotions, and impulses. We need to attain a state or level of consciousness to attain the above connections.

This is very easy to accomplish with mediation. Through out the day consciousness is in a state of fluctuation moving in and out of the conscious and subconscious states, much like the ocean tide meditation allows you to see the nature of your mind. Which is essential if you want to have greater direction over your own actions.

  • How do we attain an ascending level of clarity?
  • It starts with just enough discipline to tame your mind, 5 minuets daily increasing in time as your wish…

Discipline your mind and you will be smiling all the way to the bank. Your mission in personal development is to gain and maintain greater clarity of mind, this will take some discipline use your will power, it will pay off.

Find your center

Personally I’ve found meditation to be the foundation of my personal development, this is because it gives me the opportunity to sit back and find the stillness of the mind, allowing my thoughts to arise and drift away, finding balance within myself.

  • Visualistion and relflection offers great anti virus protection

The act of self correction

When my mind is relaxed it at this time I take the opportunity to review my day, accessing my actions, taking time to re-live and smile at the enjoyable events of the day. Looking at events which have challenged me, replaying how I acted, accessing if I could have acted in a more appropriate manner and mentally adjusting my future response based upon my ideals.

Knowledge of self helps to direct the mind

The act of replaying your memories daily and adjusting your response is a technique used in the best mind behavioural reprogramming systems, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the best example of such a technique and I recommend it whole heartedly.

Learning strategies also have an excellent system called The Genius Code, it’s great to say the least and I hope and pray that such knowledge of the mind becomes common knowledge used by the masses, it should be taught in the educational system as standard world wide.

Very funny

It’s a joke to think that we claim to send our young to school to be educated and they leave as young adult’s years later not knowing how to operate the muscle in their heads. The Educational Institutions have a responsibility to give it students the skills and knowledge, which we are applying in personal development. It should be common knowledge in a progressive society that its citizens have a greater understanding and control over their minds, not just a working knowledge off what career/industry they wish to work in. Self knowledge is a natural progression to a more enlightened society, self knowledge is the way forward!


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