Wake Up… Or Never Live, Own Your Conditioning…

Part 1 of  2 part goal setting series

Ring Ring the spiritual alarm bells are sounding,its time for a reality check guys, No more walking around like Shaun of the Dead (a zombie)… its time for the second coming. The alarm bells are sounding, the resurrection of your conscious mind, its time to snap out of that trance and continue living life as a conscious sentient being.

1.Take full control over your own conditioning

To be perfectly honest with you, we are all innocent victims of conditioning and, some of it severing in your favour and some of it, limiting your world view and sense of self worth.
In today’s society we are so heavily indoctrinated we don’t really know where most off our stuff comes from, stuff meaning thoughts, feeling, likes, dislike belief’s etc. we have input coming in at us from all angles – this obviously dose not apply to anyone who has just stepped out of a box, you of course know where all the components of your mental and emotional programming comes from, in fact I envy you, because you know your mind better then I know mine.

Shit I’ve spent so many hours, days, weeks maybe years in front of the television watching movies, TV pro-grammes, watching the news, taking in opinions opinions opinions, only god knows what floating around in my subconscious.

2. un plugg and save your self

Even when we are not plugged in to the media we are taking in the doctrines from loving parents, meaningful teachers, from our religious leaders, friends magazines’ newspapers, Oh my days, only the heavens know why any of us make the choices we make and think the way we do.

If you don’t believe you are the product of social and environmental conditioning, you’ve probably just stepped out of a sealed box… so let me be the first to implant a doctrine in your head. Everything you are today and are going to be tomorrow will be the result of some kind of conditioning so you have a choice, you can tailor a doctrine that works or continue on default mode – your unrefined character.

3. Say no… to limiting beliefs

There is no reason why you should have to accept any form of limiting beliefs or conditioning.If you are not moving forward or getting the results you want, have a good look at your beliefs and conditioning. Are your beliefs limiting your progress or putting a dampener on your Happiness do they give you an excuse not to be your best.

For two many years I held limiting beliefs formed in my childhood and teenage years. Beliefs that kept me safe in my comfort zone and locked down my field of vision to life’s possibilities. Those limiting beliefs resulted in insecurity, Fear, Failure Worry, Stress and Lack of Confidence.

All the above blockages manifested around me not being able to read and a write. It seemed like magic the way people translated the words from books into songs, poems even jokes. I was amazed and baffled to watch people materialise their thought onto paper. I would watch people casually read magazines and books and wonder to my self why could they read and I couldn’t. I saw small children reading how could they read and I could not. I was given a really good reason for why I couldn’t read, Yeah it was all due to being dyslexic. I could explained it now, I was given a perfectly good reason to under achieve and do something creative with my hands like build snow men.

4. see with new eyes

Release the mind. Believing I was dyslexic was like sealing my mind and my greater potential into a cave.
Dyslexia gave me a good excuse to fail, I was told I was born with a problem a learning difficulty. Yeah I had a learning difficulty aright, and the roots of my difficulty laid in incompatible learning style and limited beliefs about what my brain was capable off.

Being dyslexic didn’t get me the results I wanted somewhere deep down I knew I could be more.
I kept my mind open and I kept on asking questions I came across contradictions in what I was taught about the brain and its nature. Tony Buzzan wrote about the brain being a trial and error machine and how mistakes are an impotent part of the learning processes. I came to understand how the brain learnt and how it formed new connections. I learnt about different learning and thinking styles.

I learnt that not all people shared the same thought process so we shouldn’t all be taught by the same process – I had to move beyond my conditioning and unlearn what I was learnt during school which started to look more like brain washing camp.I now began to further question my former education and belief systems, this questioning opened door after door after door of growth.  –  continued…next page –The 11 laws of self transformation and self conditioning.

If you find this information helpful take part in the spirit of giving and share with a friend… each one teach one!

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