The 11 Laws Of Self Transformation And Self Conditioning

How Managing your Conditioning part 2 of  Wake up… or never live

  • Shop for a minute, do your beliefs serve you…who dictates your self image?
  • Did you design, your self image consciously… Or was your self image a “gift” painted by another?
  • Why should anyone blindly live by the doctrines, conditioning or label given to them by society, without questioning what effect, it has on your psychology, your world view, and ultimately your happiness. I lived by a limited view of myself as being dyslexic and I carried many limiting belief and associations.

First Law of Transformation… choose your beliefs

Are their any blockages affecting your performance if so?
Its time to live by a new doctrine. Ask yourself what beliefs and character traits do you need to adopt to move you forward or be more successful. In my case I had to believe I could read even when I could not read the words on the page. When I did recognise words it gave me hope, I continued to imagine my self reading bigger and bigger books and learning more and more.

Second law… see yourself in the moment

Imagine popping a pill or pushing a button to select your desired behaviour, talent or skill. Imagine transforming yourself into a more understanding, calm, loving parent or that shrude focused professional, imagine having tones of self confidence, so much so that walking into a full room of strangers and freely socializing and being perfectly comfortable in your skin. Imagine keeping your cool in the middle of a heated in counter with someone you have to work with or live with, imagine having the confidence to stand up on stage and casually speak to a whole audience like you were speaking to yourself in the bath room mirror, imagine having the confidence to just walk up to a perfect stranger and converse with that person as if you were life long friends, imagine being free from food, nicotine, alcohol, drug, sex addiction or phobias.

Third law… Work on your self… and write your own script

At this moment in time, you can live up to or raise your ideals and be more then you are displaying. First you must know that you literally making and maintaining your current self image in your subconscious based upon your thoughts, feeling, beliefs and choices not to forget the input coming into your eyes and ears from your surroundings.

Fourth law… manage your Mental image – Draw a new picture

Your self image is held in your subconscious and affirmed by your environment. Working from the basis that your self image is affirmed by your environment, we can start to work with this equation, new environment equals new associations equal new self image. I moved from in front of the TV to the library in front of books . I made reading and writing apart of my new self imagine. As I made the shift form being a dyslexic to an able reader I supported my new self image and belief by reading and writing. I read daily knowing if it is just improved by 1 percent it was better then 1 percent decline. I habitually read before bed and when I wake in the morning, I read waiting in queues, I read on the bus or train, I read while walking I always had a book to hand. Along with reading, I drew writing into my new self image, I wrote poems, stories and songs and I used writing as an opportunity to note my thoughts and feeling.

Fifth law… positive and inquisitive mental attitude

I made adjustments to my thoughts, feelings and beliefs
By developing a positive and inquisitive mental attitude. This allowed me to seek out and take opportunities when they came along such entering and reading my work at poetry show that’s something that would have scared the pants of me 18 mouths earlier.

Six law Expand your perspective

Learn to see in full color, life is multi-dimensional so there are an infinite number of perspective on any given subject and know one person has the ultimate view. Don’t let someone’s opinions or labels trap your mind in a box. Expand and deepen your perspective by understanding what makes your own mind tick and by learning more about….I leave the blank for you to fill in.

Seventh law… Build your character

Be choosy about what goes in your head. If you want to think, act or develop a particular character trait, start by reading, watching or studying the thing that the character you want to become does. Do this daily and you will notice how what you think and talk about will begins to change…. mirroring or Modeling is guaranteed to speed up your character development.

Eighth law… Be proactive in conditioning your mind and Psychology

Be an attentive gardener and challenge your conditioning and beliefs – does it hold up to scrutiny? Be a better gate keeper which means that you are going to have to hold yourself accountable for your time, choice of environment including your place of work, your choice of friends, what you read, watch and listen to, be conscious of the seeds you plant in your mind and the minds of others.

Ninth law… Don’t abuse your time… Tenth law… Do what you know you should do ….     Eleventh law…  Be a good manager of self

Once you learn what to do… do it. Doing what you know you should do will strengthen the integrity of new beliefs by Reinforce you beliefs or doctrines with action. Do what you know you should do, this means you must take action and be a better leader of yourself.

Think about it, when it comes to giving out advice I bet you give it out like a pro, we all do … most of the time its good advice, if only we could take our own advice and do what we already know. Deep down inside we know what we should be doing in a number of situations but at times we fail to do it, sometimes we just don’t live up to our own expectations, I realized this one day as I was playing computer games, I new there was better things that I could be doing with my time such as reading a book or writing. Somewhere in my heads I had got my wires crossed resulting in a lack of congruency…I got it right in time.

Final thought and summary… Be active in Reconditioning your mind
– Take responsibility for your conditioning…

You are the gate keeper to your mind You possess the keys to your subconscious, be conscious of the fact that your mind is a garden.
All the seeds you put in your mind grows whether you consciously place them there or not, your mind will become a beautiful garden or a waste land – garbage in garbage out.

The potentialities or opportunities that a wider realities hold are too precious to be left to chance and too precarious to be left unchecked on default mode – review your actions and beliefs.

Reality is fluid, this means that your personal perspective on reality is always changing based upon your knowledge, feelings and experiences, you can be more active in the process by moving toward the experiences you want to have in your reality and choosing what you focus on and act towards which will ultimately shift your perspective.


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