Beware! Of The Morons

 How do you know if you’re been infected by moronic logic and reasoning diseases ? Well a short harmless test can quickly reveal if you’ve been infected.

Just like an STD test, I advise regular check ups to insure that you have not been infection with moronic logic and    reasoning disease.

In the same way  sexual transmitted diseases are common with those who have unprotected sex with an infected  partner, Moronic reason and logic disease ( MRLD) is picked up by verbal intercourse with those who have been infected with ( MRLD)  the moron virus.

 Here are some Classic examples of moronic statements

  • Live for today because you don t know what tomorrow may hold…

Ok sounds good, I agree with the essence of the statement, I would say … ” Live today being the best you can be” or you could say…  “live for today and plan for tomorrow ”  as  another twist you can put on the saying.  In the mouths of people who have been infected with moronic reasoning and logic virus the statement is translated into a statement of ignorance and recklessness an excuse to go out to town and go wild and face the consequence’s tomorrow.

The moronic virus effects a person’s ability to set goals,

  • It’s common to here morons say… I don’t set goals or make plans because things never go to plan… STAND BACK ,  this is sign of an infection!

Ok moron, you may think you don’t have a plan, but you do have a plan. You plan to do – nothing, that’s your plan. Moron whether you make a plan or not you are going you see the results of your action or inaction… your plan not to plan,  is a plan so add some substances to it.

Here’s More moronic  garbage

  • We are all going to die some day, you may get hit by a bus tomorrow… moron alert! –

The moron may conclude in their infected brain that they should smoke and drink to their hearts content before death gets them… That’s a typical example of moronic  logic and reason disease. . . How about living life to the fullest, cultivating your mind, body and spirit for another day because you may just wake up to see tomorrow  Moron.

  • You’re only young once …

Another example of a good saying that’s been high jacked by infected people moronia, in their ignore-nce which in this case means to look away from the truth and do the opposite.

  • Some day I’ll do this,  some day I’ll do that,  some day i’ll call , some day i’ll visit…  Some day leads to a town called no where… This some day never comes.

 This is a mild sign of  infection, the disease has clouded  its  victims  judgment and sense of time, making them incapable of  setting definite dates.  for victims The road to some  day leads to a town called no where ….   hold the virus back and set definite dates.

  • Everyone is allowed one vice…

What about if that vice is killing you- moron.  Its my only pleasure… ahh poor moron so infected that he/she feels they are living simply to eat tons of cakes, drink, smoke or some other excessive habit, after all that’s all life has to offer…at this stage of moronia the person needs urgent attention.

Moron in business

  • I would never  start a business… Starting a business  is a waste of time,  Most new business  never make it past the first year…

What about the business that do make it moron. If you don’t want to start a business don’t, but don’t infect other people with your moronic reasoning, after all the global economy relies on business and many of today’s young up starts are going to be tomorrow leaders, just ask those boys who started Google, Face book, Fed ex, Starbucks, Ford motors, MacDonald etc…

  • It’s a dog eat dog world…

We can owe a lot of the crap that has happened in the world to morons with this attitude. Morons with this level of infection seem hell bent on getting what they can, at the expense of others… If you’re a suffer the best cure is a positive  and loving attitude.  Learn to Give out good vibs  and you will soon receive it back – the world is your mirror.

  • You have to enjoy life…  So I eat what I won’t

 The only thing i can say is this moronic logic only results in you having a waistline bigger then the statue of liberty…

  • I Eat a balanced diet.

 To the victims  of  ( MRLD)   this means a bit of good and a bit of bad… Crazy in the House – when someone starts specking like this you know the person is diseased  and  MRLD is  confusing the persons thought process.

  Note – Not even your teachers are safe from MRLDs

Can you believe that academic morons have preached for years that the hydrogen atom was the smallest packet of matter and in the same breath tell us that the hydrogen atom is accompanied small particles like protons, electrons, neutrons quarks…

   In secondary School I turn my indoctrinator sorry teachers Red in the face with that one! – Come On that’s four Phenomenon below the atomic scale a whole other realm of existence, interaction and possibilitie And still morons are teaching our Childern the out dateted classical model, saying that the atom is the smallest packet of matter and the rest does not really exist because they can not weighed it… MRLD

WISDOM…. The Known cure  for  moronic logic and reasoning diseases

 I know Wisdom  sounds old fashioned, but it will really help Victims got over stinking thinking. Well how do you gain wisdom?….  Wisdom is gained when you learn from your experiences. investing in continues learning such as reading, listening to audio having debates and conversation with progressive people, People who are generally dedicated to raising their mental and spiritual state as opposed to dumbing down their consciousness with trivia.

 A bit of thought and reflection will safely expose the virus in all its hiding places.

extreme Bio-Containment

Round up all the infected and shove them in Guantanamo bay, set up some vary loud speakers and pump some sense into their heads.  I recommend Playing lectures  on  quantum physics and string theory will be nice starters followed by a helping of personal development,  Zig Ziglar and Antony Robbins at maximum volume.


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