Jedi Time Management… The Philosophy Of The Force And Time

  • Do you feel the need to be more organized and more productive?
  • Do you feel a longing, a calling deep down inside for order?
  • Do you Feel you can be more then what you are displaying?

Well its time to join the ranks of the Jedi Order and consider all your past experiences up to now to be preparation for wielding the force with the mastery and precision of a Jedi master.

Time management is the weapon of a Jedi Knights,

Wielding the force of time is not as clumsy or as random as leaving your goals and tasks to chance. Time management is an elegant weapon form a far more civilized age. For over a thousand generations, The Jedi Knights were the guardians of the mysteries of personal management and The To Do list. Managing peace and justice in the Old Republic, Before the dark times, Before the Empire and Information overload, before corporate media and mind Dumbing TV.

Good Personal management equal’s good Time management.

I have something here for you, your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough, but your uncle wouldn’t allow it. He feared you might follow old Antony Robins on some damn fool idealistic crusade like your father did. It’s your father’s time management tips, they will help you increase your productivity and help you to stay cool, calm and collected as you face the empire.

Let’s start your Jedi training

1.Young Jedi understand you must, that the time is held in an intimate relationship with the force. The force and time are one and the same in essence, time is the observation of movement and movement or time is the force, of which you can manipulate.

2.“Good Time management is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s unites the Jedi to an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together, keeping the galaxy working like clock work…

3.Time and space are universal constants, you can’t change or stop time/motion, but you can influence the outcome of events in time and space by organizing your to do list wisely.

4.The Jedi use the power of the force to work with time, leveraging it to get favourable outcomes, be wise know when to use it, and when to go with the flow. Making minor adjustments to your plan, in order to compensate for new opportunities and things that pop up, be flexible, be mindful, use wisdom.

5. Practice the Jedi disciplines and develop what the weak minded call Jedi mind tricks it will serve you will. When a Jedi develop his ability to sit still calming mind, body and sprit the Jedi’s sense of perspective opens up, things become clearer, you may have heard of this technique as meditation.

In meditation a Jedi knight can shift his conscious perspective to a more objective state and make time stand still, at lease from his perspective, at this level of conscious awareness the Jedi can step out of the box and look at his activities from different angles, many great Jedi have found the solutions to their greatest successes using this technique.

6. Be still when the mind is clouded and confused, allow your mind to clear and trust the force to emerge with the correct course of action for events. With daily discipline you will develop greater wisdom and power of discernment. Remember your mind is the greatest tool of time management, good personal management equal good Time management.

7.The Jedi Paradox  Be detached

The Jedi knows were he is going so he can stay happily detached. A Jedi is a one with his/her duties but not consumed by it. The Jedi maintain a deep desire and a passion for their work and duties but at the same time they are detached from it.

He does not lose his self in the chaos of events but he brings harmony to it in the present moment. This is important because the Jedi who exercise’s the force by way of business, Blogging or some other entrepreneurial endeavour often find themselves performing many different task during the course of a single day or week, month, year.

8. Time is the master teacher

Balance your duties young Jedi , pay attention to how the force is needed to complete each of your tasks in good time, its a learning curb, sometimes you my get it wrong, take those results as feedback which you can use to develop more wisdom in order to get it right. A true Jedi balance his/her duties wisely and learns from the results of their experiences. This consistent learning fills the Jedi with a sense of certainty, peace (he always knows he will grow stronger and wiser at the end of each decision and action).

9. Realize…

that time management is a myth created by the dark side. What I mean is that the Jedi aim for personal management in spirit, mind, body and in action. A Jedi see’s personal management as activity management… activity management starts in the mind.

10. Time Management Starts in the Mind

Time management starts with the management of your thoughts this is what is meant by personal management. Personal management can be further categorised as thought management and activity management, there’s a time and place for each. There’s a time for action and there’s a time for thought.

  • Step 1 of thought time…  Is balancing the mind and force.
  • Step 2 of thought time …  Is about Knowing what you want to achieve. (What is you intended direction what are your goals or outcome)  Envision the direction you wish to guide the force and creation.
  • Step 3 of thought time … Is to review your current location (where are you in relation to your intended direction or outcome, what do you need to do to get yourself on the correct course to meet your goals).
  • Step 4 thought in action… repeat steps 2 & 3 but this time make them solid on paper.
  • Step 5 get to work, be joyful and have fun.

Implementing your personal management plan.

Think of this as an extension of time management step 1 to 5 the objective is to use the force and momentum to change your behaviours over time to achieve the mission objective you’ve set for yourself. Such as increasing your productivity with the use of the force and decreasing your stress to increase your effectiveness. So you need to not only set your specific goals, but track them over time with a Jedi diary and journal.

11. Jedi Law of Cause and Effect – How to Influence Events

A Jedi is forever mindful of the great law of cause and effect, this is because cause and effect are at the source of the force. Which is the essence of the Jedi power?

Use the law of cause and effect to stay ahead of the dark side you most prioritize ruthlessly. Setting your performance benchmark is necessary in order to direct the force progressively,

12. Start each day, month and week with a time management session prioritizing and category the tasks for the month and days ahead. If you have 30 tasks for a given month, have a look at delegating it to a Padawan or outsourcing it.

13. Establish routines and stick to them as much as possible. Over time your routines will become habitual. Its all about persistence you are one with the force, choose a direction and the force will do the rest.

14. Take a break

Plan for a well disserved rest break or change of scenery as apart of your personal management routine to bring balance to the force.

Many Jedi have been lost to the empire, disillusioned by the magnitude of their duties which cause’s a blockage in the force and weaken a Jedi’s self confidence and productivity. Overwhelmed by fear and worry, which leads them on to the path of the dark side.

This can be a result of lack of variation, so leave room for good relationships, fun and spontaneity. To move everything into a totally mechanical order is to flirt with the dark side.

If you have younglings you can use play time with your kids Chill out or give yourself a workout, younglings love jumping, dancing doing rollie pollie cart wheal and stuff. Younglings have tons of energy. Be creative, relax have fun doing art, acting, singing or some other creative form of expression.

15. Jedi journal first step to effective time management.

Keep a Jedi journal and dairy… organize the day ahead. It adds structure and builds routine. Look out for leakages in the force if you’re really serious about wielding the force productivity, journal of your activities , so you can better gage what you’ve done and make better judgments the next time around.

16. Be sure that you’re systems are organized.

Are the files on your computer slowing you down? If it is redo it, so it’s organized to the point that you can quickly click, click on what you need.

If you work in multiple locations? Online data storage makes it easy to access your files any time, any where, weather you’re on the bus on holiday or training at Yoda’s swamp.

17. Use droids

Here are some of the more modern weapons of the Jedi nights to help you get more organized and productive: Droids makes it easy to work wherever you are and they come in many different shape and sizes R2 units, PDA’s laptop’s, mobile phone’s will help you stay connected.

18. Use the force to combined tasks

How much of your tasks can you combined into your recreation or travelling time, for example you can drive half way to work and walk or jog the rest of the way, you can use you commuting time to read, relax or review your day.

19. Personal time-wasters are Agents of the dark side,

Remember, the focus of time management goals is actually about managing the tasks activities and routines in your life. A good place to start managing your time is to look at eliminating the agents of the dark side, your personal time-wasters. For one week, for example, set a goal that you’re not going to watch videos, TV or sports when you could be studying developing your self, working on a project planning your life.

20. Where do you leak force?

Find out where you’re wasting time and the force on fool hardy crusades. Do you waste too much force on you tube, face book or watching videos, reading emails, making personal calls? Listening to shitty waste man music, where can you leverage your time better.

21. Set a time to move on.

For instance, Relaxing, reading and answering emails doing research for a project, may be necessary but it can consume your whole day if you let it. Instead, set a time to move on.

22. Use time wisely be creative with the force

From Dentist appointments, to travelling at light speed in hyper space on your way to Alderon, it’s impossible to avoid waiting for someone or something. But you don’t need to just sit there and twiddle your thumbs, put a pen in your hand, do some pen spinning, practice your breathing excises, have a bit of a stretch and relive some tension, blindfold your eyes, get your lightbsaber and practice deflecting blaster attacks from hovering training droid . Always take something to do with you, such as a report you need to read, or just a blank pad of paper that you can use to plan your next marketing campaign, project ,article, DS brain training take control of your time feel and use the force.

Remember young Jedi

you can’t

control time with your to do list, but you can guide what happens in time by using the force. Not to use the power of the force wisely is to let this great power held in time slip through your hands into the hands of the dark side, as a Jedi you have a responsibly to use time and the force productively because prioritisation, productivity and wisdom are the secrets of the force.

  • Understand the power which is held in the moment,
  • Understand the power in a plan,
  • Understand the power in action…

Understand that you can accomplish wonderful things in the moment or at least sow the seeds for wonderful things, Jedi who use and understand time, understand the force, their overstand the art of Creation. Time waits for know man or Jedi, do with it as you wish.

The galaxy does not stay the same…

It changes from day to day,

and we must change and grow to meet new challenges. As Jedi, we must never allow ourselves to become stagnant or self-satisfied. We must be ever vigilant, aware of what is happening around us, and ready to adapt to changing circumstances.

May the Force be with you, always?”


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