Who is… Lloyd Christie?

I m a Personal development Breathing, Public Speaking, Creative writing,Veggie eating, Yoga doing, Peace loving, Guitar playing, 5 Ball juggling, Spiritually minded, Social Networking, World Changing, Entrepreneurial, Blogging Type of guy-

Hmm, What more can I say about my self!… for starters you can say, I’m a personal development fanatic. My obsessions began as result of learning how to read and write with confidence at the age of 27. My new found literacy was the collation of about one year’s deep study and focus. During this time period, I became active in identifying and breaking down old beliefs about myself that made up my self identity, some of which where deeply disempowering, such as the label and identity I held about my self, as being a dyslexic. This old self image as a dyslexic came hand in hand with years of negative experiences in school and later in college.

To say the least my years in formal education had transformed what was once a confident out going young mind into a shy guided and fearful adult.

Inquisitiveness was my Saving Grace. My Endless Questioning my trust for answers my desire for revelation, were later to become the Primary Challengers and Successors to my old conditioning.


Up until I learnt to read and write my dyslexia (want for a better word) was a Secret, Hidden to even my closes friends and Known only by people, who Stumbled upon my secret, such as my ex manager, Who one day asked me to do an Audit Report, I Said sure, can do, It was no problem the items where Labelled.  All I had to do was Copy the Spelling off of the labels and write down the quantities and If  Things Got Bad I Could Disappear Off To The Toilet and Look in Mini Pocket Sized Thesaurus and Dictionary for any words I needed to spell. Anyway too cut a long story short, He found a spelling mistake, One that he said was Commons in Dyslexic People. Being The Great Manager that He is, He wanted to get me Qualifications in Management; He arranged and paid for the Course out of the Company Budget. Now I Would Receive Weekly Visits From an Assessor, Who Also found Out My Secret.

The Turning Point

My Assessor Was A Young Spanish Woman who had been in the country (UK) for About 3 years. She Revealed To Me her technique to Learning to Read and Write in a Second Language’ She Said, there were about 500 hundred commonly used words in English most if not all are found in the newspapers. That was my initiation into an academic career. Slowly but surly I learnt to read newspapers at first the crappie tabloid paper then the board sheet papers, in fact at that time I attempted to read everything I laid my eye’s on such as road, shop, signs. I even bought my first books Gods of the new Millennium by Alan f Alford and Malcolm x biography by Alex Haley they were a great challenge to read, even though I didn’t know if the words on the page where read correctly but I completed both books. New found confidence I was over the moon, I can read, I can read!

Problem, I still faced a challenge, I could read but I could not spell. I couldn’t understand how it was that I could recognize the words on a page, but I couldn’t spell them, the answer become clear to me after reading Tony Buzan’s book Head Strong. He described the human brain as not only a problem solving machine but a trial and error machine. The solution was clear, in the past I would always memorize important words. Words friends names my address, the common words that I my can access during work…. that wasn’t good enough, I had to make mistakes a lot of mistakes.

I suddenly realised my Virgo nature as a perfectionist was holding me back, basically when I couldn’t spell a word I would make a run for the dictionary to get the correct spelling….so the words looked good on paper, clean of miss spellings, but the use of the dictionary was premature, I didn’t give my self enough opportunity to make mistakes, problem solved, the birth of  Lloyd Christie the writer, poet, theorist, philosopher song writer.

Two pens two pads, I’m a pen swinger, if it can be written down in ink – I wouldn’t need to think, twice about carving, my thoughts down in blue or black ink, in a bid to think and Refined the thoughts, that I give birth to with my mind.

Accelerated growth

Now I could Read and Write… My Confidence Went Up,  Infact it Went  Though The Roof, I went part time at work and I took Every Course I Could find in the area of Self  Help, Personal Development,

Yoga, mediation qi gong thi chi, Jin Shin Jyutsu , Breathing, Metaphysics, a Degree in Psychology, A Year of Acting in between that I Eat Books for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, it was and has been since then about Personal Growth Expansion – Self  Knowledge and Learning. The Experience of Reaching my Goal had Transformed me. In the pursuit of  Literacy I had Aroused the spirit of Continual Progress and  The Philosophy of  Personal Development.

Lloyd Christie Specialties:
A Deep knowledge regarding many aspects of Personal Development such as…  Health, Fitness, N L P, Meditation, Personal Growth, Conscious living, Bloging, Public Speaking, Philosophy, Strategic Planning, Self Discipline, Nutrition, Relationships, Habits and Conditioning, Numerology, Self Conditioning, Yoga, Qi gong, Spirituality, Developing and Maintaining a successful psychology, time management, Personal productivity, spiritual development and more…

Lloyds Research and interest’s… Music and its affect on Psychology, physical movement and it affect on Physiology and Psychology, Youth Culture, Sociology (Community Development),

What Do You Need to do to reach to the Next Level…

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