Self Discipline -Things To Do Before Bed

To kick start a Great day to come by using a little Jedi Discipline – There are some simple Discipline’s that can be done, before bed to get you off to a Peak Performance start… Jay z says, you’ve got too dust, that, dirt of your shoulders… I say, you’ve got to, scrub that, dirt off your back.

So, Numero uno… Relaxing bath

Wash, Shower That Dirt off  Your Back
This is a most do Discipline. Before bed, Wash Away that dirt, wash away the Old Day. First things first… As we get to the End of the day Mark the transition to a new day to come With a relaxing bath. Besides the hygiene reasons of having a bath before bed, A bath or a wash is Psychological relaxing. Which Wonderfully marks the Beginning of the Evening, and the End of Day – Call it your Evening Ritual. It’s an Undeniable fact, that All People – You  included, feel Greater after bathing. Unlike other things in life After Bathing, You’ll Never here anybody saying, Oh my god, I can’t believe I did that.


Sooner rather then later is better… Prepare clothes for next day
Its sounds So Anal, But it a great Discipline. Preparing your Clothes for the next day is a great time management exercise and does wonders for your over all organization. Prepare everything from, your exercise gear to the clothes you’re going to work, other then saving you time, it great for conditioning your intentions deep into the mind, especially when it comes to doing your morning exercise’s. Be determined to Establish this routine as a habit, so you can perform it on auto pilot.

Complete any Unfinished Business

“Two things rob people of their peace of mind: work unfinished and work not yet begun. Don’t delay your success, don’t make tomorrows work any heaver!”

It take’s discipline to bring work to completion. I learnt this lesson from a good friend, an ex house mate, he inspired me with his determination and focus to complete his unfinished business. He would Stay up all night if needs be, to complete work or a project before he went to bed, he would say… “unfinished business is the enemy of a good schedule”

You got Business to do?… If  so – get to work, On your Business…

Let your Personal Resolve kick start your will Power into full force to get the job done. If it means you have to stay up into the late hours of the night, do it, get to business. If the task is important to you and you can pull out an extra hour or so for its completion do it. I can guarantee that if the task is important you will feel a great since of accomplishment and achievement that will be carried over to the next day. This attitude will not only boost your productivity but it will boost your will power… You know what they say, don’t put off what you can do today,  for tomorrow.

Clean up…

Cleanliness is next to Godliness … Get in the habit of cleaning / tidying up, for the day ahead.

A Persons Living Space Says a lot about the them, What Does Your Living space say about You? Does it give you a sense of belonging or comfort, or is it just a place to crash out, Eat, Sleep…  And  Jet off as soon as the sun rises. If it is the latter,  you probably don’t feel too positive about your environment which is a bad thing, you need to create an environment that foresters creativity and growth, not one that you can’t wait to get out of as soon as you awake up. So where do you start, start with ten minutes or so every evening to get things in order, it’s that simple.

Read something spiritual or uplifting

Go to bed with rich seeds of inspiration, food for thought. Deepen and expend your sense of  joy connectedness and Spiritual direction. What are you?…  a human being having a spiritual experience or a Spiritual being having a human experience?

Virtually every muscle in the human body is exercised, apart from your humble eyes, they work without complaint all day, and some of us even push them throughout the night. In My experience as a Yoga Practitioner,  I’ve learnt that the eye’s will reward you well and work a hard for you, when exercise them regularly – Try this out ( eye exercises). So naturally the hours before bed makes a great opportunity to relieve the stress built up in the eyes. Don’t forget relieve the stress built up in    the Neck, shoulders head and face.

Juggling for Relaxed Alertness

Some discipline’s can be fun. Induce your mind and body into a state of relaxed alertness before you role into bed. If you can juggle, Combined yoga/stretching. When juggling, Whenever you drop a ball, make it an opportunity to have a good stretch while reaching for the ball or balls – Remember to repeat stretch on both side’s of the body. If you can’t juggle this is your opportunity to learn and discover the Personal development Benefits of  juggling  here here and Learn How to Juggle, hereWhen your ready drop your balls and do some formal yoga (Here are some exercises to get you going) Yoga will Benefit your sleep in the following ways-

  • Relaxes nervous system which equals Great night sleep
  • Increase the blood circulation for better healing – you will awake feeling great and in time you will look younger and stronger – call it body maintainence.
  • You will need less sleep because the breathing during yoga increases and promotes the elimination of toxins from the body. This has a rejuvenating effect on the entire system from the cellular level up wards. Call it regeneration.
  • All in all you will wake up every morning ready to go instead of wishing you could stay in bed.

Pump up, your will power with some light exercise before bed.

Rule one… Go to bed feeling Powerful –  Rise feeling Powerful.

  • BANG No Hesitation
  • Push up,20
  • Site ups, 10
  • Squats,15
  • Yoga, Stretch, Rest Relax and Breath

Breathing exercises, Balances and harmonizes the whole body. Breath is life – You can live weeks without food, days without water but seconds without air”.

You’ve been running around like a crazy squirrel monkey all day, if you were a robot it would be cool, but your not. Deep relaxing breathing allows you to reset your entire, brain and nervous system, freeing up energy, establishing  clarity of mind, and quieting any monkey chatter in your awareness, all this naturally leads you a state of meditation.

Last thing before bed

  • Review day
  • Review goals

Does it all sound long yet? maybe, well tough, you can’t have the rewards of discipline without self discipline, will power is the key.check out Jedi Discipline the way of the force

Go to bed with a smile on your face, sweet dreams


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