The 7 Laws Of Successful Players

So, what makes a successful player!.. He/she lives by law. For one successful players eat and breath their philosophy. Successful player players make it a habit to identify the areas in life that can be improved upon in order to better their results. They align their daily life with their ideal mental image of what their life should represent. In this way progressive players see personal development as a philosophy of self actualisation.

” The successful player, directs, their growth consciously fine tuning their skills and talents to play the game to the best of their ability”.

1. Players Take Control

The player is progressive person in the game life, living consciously taking control, or at less seeking influence over the events that effect his/her life, if this sounds like you, well done, let’s continue growing upwards.

“The perfecting of ones self is the fundamental base of all progress and all moral developments” Confucius – Chinese Sage.

For the majority of people in society personal development/self actualisation is an unconscious and under directed process were the person lives in a reactionary state of consciousness, these people are spectators in the game watching from the side lines. The spectators watch the game of life holding their hands up to the forces in the environment, ignorant to their true potential which lays dormant within, leaving the game of  life to be played by those who have taken the time to develop the skills to play the game.

2.” The Players Tool Kit

Having a practical knowledge of psychology

The progressive player finds tools to make life run more smoothly and successfully.  What are the tools of successful players, you may ask? … The successful players’ tools are mental, they are displayed as productive thought patterns and habits that deliver and maximize their success. for example In my personal development tool kit I have collected information and strategy from many disciplines, old school and modern. Having a practical knowledge of psychology is of the up most importance, because it acts as a user manual, a guide to map out and sign post the mental terrain.

3. Do what you know

You already hold the key. kids often ask questions when they already know the answer…   Take what’s relevant

Practical Psychology for Progressive People

When it come to psychology I basically take what I feel is relevant to operate the machine that I have between my ears successfully.

As far as psychology and its practical applications which is dubbed popular psychology by the mainstream. The information has been tailored in personal development,  for practical day to day use and is not a set for abstract models and theories that collect dust in the pages of academia.

It amazes me when I talk to people who hold qualifications in psychology but don’t known or have not been taught how to integrate the knowledge for personal use.

I guess it’s a failing in the educational system, it’s funny because the advertising industry really makes good use out of the knowledge gained by psychology.

The term popular psychology is used by the mainstream to differentiate it from the mainstream body of psychology
Mainstream psychology is orientated toward employment and outer observations, while on the other hand popular psychology used in personal development is geared toward self empowerment and self mastery. I feel the term practical psychology is more appropriate as it is active description reflecting the active nature of personal development.

4.  Self  management… for peak performance

The successful players use the philosophy of Personal Development to take charge of the aspects of their character that affect their performance, and results – such as emotions, intelligence, discipline, attitude, fitness, mental skills, habits even hobbies. All the areas mentioned are under your control to some degree. Asserting influence over the above aspects will positively affect the way you perceive and interact with your environments which will changes the way your environment responds to you. meditation is a good place to start.

The philosophy of Personal Development leads to expansion of consciousness due to the intention of growth. You gain a heightened awareness of your environment and your role in it… adding Value as you walk the walk. Personal Development tunes the mind to seek out new opportunities and to realise the value in existing ones.

5. Challenge your bad habits and find good hobbies

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be challenging. Take a look at your habits – do they serve you, if not change your habits… step out of your comfort zone – make it your personal challenge. Challenges hold prizes  – but first comes the challenge -Your brain will buzz with excitement as it makes the connections.
Knowledge of the true potentialities of self is what the player seeks, for the harmonization and actualisation of his/her higher being.

6. Continued Daily Progress

What Personal Development means to a player is continued daily progress, being better today then yesterday and better tomorrow then today, that’s a great affirmation by the way let me say it again, I am better today then I was yesterday and better tomorrow then I am today write it out and commit it to memory, say it regularly, I will.

7. Take time out to reflect …

Taking time to reflect helps will you process what’s going on around you…Take  time to learn from the past in order to shape the future. You’ll find that taking the time to reflect and meditate speeds up the learning process, keeping a daily journal helps wonderfully in setting new goals based upon my past results.


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