How to Kill The Killers Of Success…

Part 2 oStaying on target with your goals

To stay on target with your goals, you need to control your focus and thoughts. Controlling your focus means controlling and directing the things that enter into your sphere of awareness which are reborn as your thoughts and experiences. what enters your mind becomes apart of your character and your internal make up which can either aid your will power and focus or hinder it, you have to be a good judge. so  stay clear of bad mental food.

Bad mental food is the number one courses of internal resistance…  Music, TV programs movie, friends, what you read, its all in your head and is shaping your thoughts, what you put in your mind can cut your success journey short. what come into your sphere of awareness, influences your views and beliefs which dictate your actions. Feed your brain with what it needs to accomplish your goals… you are what you eat physically and mentally.

Defend a  Positive self  Images

Negative mental images and associations are much the same as negative self talk but the focus of the person’s negativity is normally revealed in the relationship the person has with a goal.

An example of this is person who’s goal/new years resolution is for instance to get fit, he decides to take up jogging, this person goes out buys new trainers or running shoes tops and pants a heart rate monitor and a new I-pod and latest jay z album to listen to while running.

When the day comes to get out there and do the job, he trips up mentally, He imagines how other people may see him, or what they are thinking about him. He goes deeper into his hallucinations and sees a movie appear in his minds eye…. He sees faces laughing at him, judging him, as he is jogging down the road to the park. The images scare him, which holds him back mentally from the accomplishment of his goal which was to get fit.

Dont watch no face… people wont give you a second thought

majority of people are to busy living their lives, so into their own issues that they rarely give a second thought about what others are doing, most people are to busy thinking about themselves.

His associations need to be positive. He should feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment in his efforts knowing that he is quite literally jogging his way into his ideal image, he should let his confidence shine though, he should imagine people seeing a confident man who is focused on his goals.

Limiting beliefs

Be on the look out for limiting beliefs that you may uphold and those that you may take in from your environment by way of friends, family and colleagues. Limiting beliefs are all around… you must shield your mind with a positive anti virus fire wall.

Bad Habits

Internal resistance in the form of Bad Habits. Bad habits are easy to spot they are the behaviors that we are trying to leave behind, we tend to do them on a regular basis, they are the habits that lead us away from the accomplishment of our goals, we know deep down what they are. Write your bad habits out, so it is clear in your mind what you need to drop or change to bring you closer to your goals.

Desire and will power

You will now work on aiming your desires towards your goals but first know this
Lack of will power is the number one form of internal resistance. Lack of will power leaves your goals impotent.


Just do it  . its that simple

Taking  action is the cure to procrastination, just take action… it does not matter how small – a little action is better then no action… you will build momentum towards the realization of your goal, leave no room for Procrastination.

Desire is will to take action

By focusing, thinking, reflecting, visualizing the end result of your goals/new years resolution it will cause a deep longing for your goal accomplishment, which will lead you to action. The desire wills gradually build up inside of you. You will find that you will think the thoughts, notice the paths that will take you in the right direction to the people, places and things that will get you to your goal and you will take the steps/actions toward your goals.

The plan

Write clear statement, out lining your goals, this must be clear and detailed. You can use mind maps this is extremely effective, but be sure to make it clear in your own mind by writing a statement to accompany your mind map.

Read your statement

Upon rising and upon settling at night, visualize the end resualt of your goal as you drift off to sleep, dream about your goal. This is how you’re going to direct your subconscious thoughts and actions, see you’re self in a state of accomplishment of your goals or new years resolutions.

Learning from your experiences

Yes remember be persistent with your efforts stay on target to your goals and dreams. Write your goal/resolutions out reading it daily. Read your, plan and visualizing the end result daily. this will keep your intentions firm in mind. Creating desire following through on your plan, make adjustments if necessary. If you mess up on the way which is likely to happen learn from it and keep moving…Good luck.


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