The Principle Of Rhythm… Renewing Your Vision

“Everything flow in and out everything has its tide’s …This is the  principle of rhythm”

Ok earlier this week… my big mission has been to get my mind re-orientated after a good two months or so of solid work.  Ive had  a clear vision and three weeks of chillaxing.  I find it is time now to re-new my vision.

I reviewed my goals and notes and I also put pen to paper to do a writing exercise to clear my mind and gain clarity of thought and that I did. I managed to gain a deeper clarity and over standing about where I am at in relation to my goals, vision and current position.

You’ve heard it before…the mind body and spirit connection

Well the first thing I realised is that I need a detox. I ve learnt that cleansing the body has a great impact on the mind and I find it helps speed up the renewal process.

When the mind is jumbled go back to square one “The body”

You can use the body to effect change in the mind, this works both ways, all you need to no is how… My two day detox consists of my regular musesli breakfast in the morning and though out the day a juice made from cucumber mixed with barley grass and ginger. It may not sound or look too tasty but I think it’s actually quite nice and refreshing.  To generalise green things have a cooling effect on the mind and body and spirit a result of the alkaline properties in the greens which helps to cancel out some of the acidity, caused by a bad diet and stress etc

This is going to be a quick short sharp detox/ to get my mind into gear and my will power super charged. There’ll be many positive side effects  of my fast, which include challenging the emotions and desires which need to be pulled in line every now and again. Denying the emotions and desires has a stretching effect on the personality, aiding discipline giving one a greater sense of personal resolve. The benefits will extend into many other areas of my life.

The Reorganization and review of files and plans for world domination  ; )

Clean up Time

After a review looking at my paper work I see that I can further increase my results and productivity by bettering my organisation.

I find the need for more structure and organisation in the bureaucratic side of my work, so the need for greater organisation been added as a continual target. I had too many files and note books with duplicate topics spread between them, this is mainly because I am always on the move from location to location working in different places.

Finding Balance

Over the Last three weeks I’ve been a bit lax in my work and on my discipline. I found that my productively have slipped…  I’ve been taking it a little too easy.  Being too relaxed has had a knock on affect on my routine…  I can’t have that…  So this week I’m going to be working on my discipline levels.

I have been attempting to change my attitude towards self discipline,  I have not been so hard  on myself … this little experiment has left me feeling very relaxed in fact I feel brilliant.  But I need to find a happy balance between chilllaxing and being productively disciplined.

I find a definite need for a solid structure to navigate but not so rigid that it destroys spontaneity before it’s born…. but anyway the last time I reorganized in terms of laying out a clear imprint of my vision and detailed review of my paper work was at least three months ago. It would seem that this is the beginning of a new season in the evolution of me. I Find that with the passing of time and goals the next level can seem some what cloudy; this is a sign of the final stages of decay of the old mental conditioning and feelings.

Time for a new…

Renewing mental and emotional conditioning on my ongoing personal development journey I have realised  the importance of a periodical renew process to  update ones mental image and conditioning to reflects the changing circumstances and feeling.

It’s like touching base with yourself.     I’ve become aware that when I get to a stage where I’ve cleared a benchmark or goal I lose a little clarity because for that period I was so focused on clearing the benchmark or goal. So I’ve now learnt to stop and lift my head above the water (get a clear view of where I’m going and where am at).

Lifting your Head above water

So I’ve found that it’s that time of the season where I need to get back to the mind and imprint a clear picture of where I’m going in my minds eye. This is not just about a mental picture it’s a feeling.  Feelings are the life of the party.   Feeling can be manifested by visualizing, talking and writing .

In general exposing yourself to areas related to your goals such as joining the appropriate clubs, exposing your self to inspirational people connected to or related to your goal, people that you can find a mutually energizing relationship with and amplify the spirit of your work.

The above is all about creating feeling which can be directed towards setting the scene to the attainment of goal. This I believe is the key to self conditioning and motivation, it’s the ability to direct and inject energy and purpose into your spirit.

The Principal of Rhythm

Everything flows in and out, everything has its tide’s, all things rise and fall, the pendulum swing manifests in everything, the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left – rhythm compensates

Yes this principle explains that life moves through stages or to put it better life is circular or spiral in nature. All things move through seasons and the seasons themselves are growing and evolving, moving through cycles and spirals slowly changing degree, this is something I learn from in order to gain a better over standing of my own routines, patterns.

At the beginning of the season your vision is green and rich full of life it’s fruitful and as the season moves into the next stage there is a process of change  At the point of mental change, renew the land/mind like a farmer after the harvest and prepare the mind the next stage of cultivation.


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