Feeling Pissed Get Over It

Today I was feeling amazingly pissed off, you can almost say depressed. I was seeing red and I wanted blood. Instead of wallowing in sorrow and boiling in my skin, I asked myself what I can do to change my state and stay on target with my work. I consciously decided to go for a walk to Dulwich library to continue my work. As I got to the end of my street I realized I had forgotten my phone, so I dashed back home and as I got through my front door. I thought to myself I’m feeling a lot better I was still pretty hot tempered and wound up but my stress levels had taken a major dip in that short time. I collected my phone and said a few sweet words to my partner and then I hit the road for a power walk to the Dulwich library, but this time, I paid closer attention to my body and the movement of my breath. Consciously breathing deeper and longer in order to free the tension .

How does breathing work

When you take a breath! Lovely refreshing air/ oxygen travels through the nose and into and down the windpipe. The windpipe splits into two tubes, or bronchi, which connect to the lungs, and then branches out into smaller bronchioles. As the lungs expand taking in fresh air, the muscles beneath the ribs (diaphragm muscles) contract, reducing pressure in the chest cavity and creating low pleasure or suction.

Oxygen travels from the bronchioles to millions of alveoli. Inside the alveoli oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide. The new oxygen is transported by red blood cells in the arteries throughout the body and brain where cell use the lovely oxygen for work and play.

Carbon Dioxide is expelled
As work and play continues the cells create carbon dioxide, which is somewhat toxic the body cannot use it. The carbon dioxide is removed by the blood inside the veins back to the lungs, where it is exchanged in the alveoli.

  • When you breath out( exhale) , the carbon dioxide is moved from the lungs, up through the trachea (windpipe) and out of the nose and mouth in to the atmosphere (This is a good reason to keep you environment well ventilated).
  • When breathing is shallow you are more likely to be feeling down, depress or piss off, so knowing this you can do the opposite and breath deeply and calmly, getting much needed air into the brain and body so you can think Straight and stop thinking like a moron.
  • Note: yoga thi chi qi gong etc are designed to work in harmony with this process of intake and elimination, super charging and bring life to the mind body and spirit, correct moving, breathing and stretching go a long way too.

The moving and breathing, power in simplicity

There’s so many reasons why moving and breathing is just so beneficial. It never ceases to amaze me as to how simple physiological changes in the body can have a dramatic effect on one’s moods and how much potential power we have over are moods. It never ceases to amaze me as to how powerful and refreshing a simple walk can be, but yet it can be overlooked as a remedy to change one’s immediate state. It’s a shame because if the effects of moving and breathing were sold over-the-counter in a little pill people would be popping them all day long for the feel-good effect.

Taking control of stinking thinking

Don’t let your mood distract you from your plan, don’t let your moods slow you down, this is what I have to remember when I’m having a bout of stinking thinking because it can really f up your productivity and spoil a good plan or day.

When you’re pissed off, feeling a bit down or depressed invest a small amount of willpower in order to change your state. In the moment you may not see the light, when you’re submerged in feeling’s of depresstion or stress.

This morning I knew that I had to maintain my productivity and a change off scenery or working environment would help hence the library. I’ve made it a habit off taking some kind of intelligent action such as changing my environment when an feeling negative, but it was not always so… some years ago, it would have taken a lot of willpower to get outs of the house when I was hit by stinking thinking, this would especially be true when I had planed to do an activity such as going to the visit the gym or attending a Evening class. It was easier to turn on the TV or find some other distraction such as alcohol or weed.
These distractions offer a limited distraction or release, at a high price to ones productivity and health. Drugs, alcohol or jumping into bed, are not wise or intelligent choices, if you want to better your situation, it is certainly not wise or intelligent if you know of a better solution.

This is where intelligence comes in to the equation

Think of yourself as being, commander and chief of your army. At the early stages of battle your site is clouded by the fog of war, all you know is you goal and objective. In your ignorance you’ll make foolish decisions but your decisions were always made with the best intention in mind, to bring you closer to your goal or objectives i.e. moving you towards balance, happiness, peace, like any good chief , you send out reconnaissance study the train and gather intelligence ( you read books, helpful websites like mpdspace.com, you go to seminar etc) you review your records doing a detailed analysis on past conflicts, in this way you develop a huge database or body of intelligence, you learn from your results.

Now it would be extremely foolish of you as commander and chief to send your troops out into a situation which will degrade the efficiency, effectiveness and ultimate power of your force (mind body spirit) especially if it’s blatantly defies the intelligence that you have acquired.

In the fog of war…

you move in ignorance but as you gain intelligence related to the battlefield, the fog of war clears and you can make better decisions … you use the intelligence gathered to improve the performance of your army , this is the way of progressive people. When you’re, depressed and down, don’t let the fog of war (bad mood) cloud your judgment, inject a bit of intelligence and engage your will, before you know it the fog in your mind clears and in the next moment will be breathing the power of fresh air.

The power fresh air is totally amazing, we have billions of cells in our bodies all in all, gasping for oxygen so it comes as no surprise that fresh air has a massive impact our physiology and as a result of having a positive impact on your physiology it has a positive impact on your mood or state of mind. It’s little wonder that’s the ancient peoples of the past devised and documented sciences of breathing. I guess noticing what impact breathing has on consciousness yogis have made a huge contribution to humanity in documenting the science of breath, its phenomenal how something as simplistic breathing can be taken for granted.

How much and how long

You don’t have to spend hours out in the elements (outside) to feel the physiological effects of air in your body, it only take a few minutes of moving and breathing for the cells in your body to have a fresh supply of oxygen giving them a positive charge, helping your body to release some of that excess carbon dioxide.. It would be obvious to say that you can’t just pop your head out the door in a second and feel recuperated , but in saying that I remember as a kid I would spend a lot of time with my head stuck out of the window, just watching the world go by, enjoying the sunshine and ambience and in Jamaica I spent long periods of time just sitting on the veranda or on the beach’s taking in the sea air just feeling great, not consciously realizing that’s your partaking in all of the blessings of a wonderful environment so I give thanks.

It does not  take long at all

  • If you’re a fairly healthy person, it’s nothing to go for a 15 to 20 minute walk.
  • If a 15 to 20 minute walk seems like a lot, you can have an explosive run or jog round the block in 5 minuets.
  • If you’re feeling very lazy a quick injection of willpower works wonders.
  • If you’ve been at your computer or inside for a long period a quick jog or run around the block can do wonders, for getting your mind into gear give yourself 3 minutes.
  • If you’re a student and you want to get your brain into gear a quick jog does wonders…in fact if you breath oxygen, a quick jog round the block will do you wonders – just what the willpower needs to add that extra bit of focus to you work .

The blessing of sunshine

When I want to get out of the house I do so whatever the time – day or night. There’s nothing like running under the stars but the sunshine gives the spirit a major boost for feeling pissed off. If your in your house or at the office or wherever, you have some power over your state. Combined the benefits of some fresh air and natural sunlight, be sensible, the smart don’t burn yourself up under the rays of Ra ( The Sun), especially if you’re of a lighter skin tone. Research says that sunshine is good for us, as we all know, we don’t need some guy in a white overall to tell you that.

We all intuitively know how sunlight makes us feel. As a kid I spent HOURS playing football in the Park, as a teenager I spent hours lazing in the Park with friends, as an adult I would spend hours in the Park chillaxing, reading, working out, meditating and playing all kind of games having adventures with my son. I, like most people intuitively go out in the sunshine for natural feel good effect. What these guys in white overalls have identified is that’s the sunshine has a major impact on the state of our immune systems so for the more pedantic minded here’s some qualitative data.

The bodies immune system’s front line defence is T cells, which researchers say is powered by vitamin D, that is produced in special cells in the skin tissue. We also get some vitamin D from eggs and oily fish etc.

Anyway researchers say in a healthy body T cells are activated by the vitamin which turns the T cell into a champion bodyguard that will seek out and annihilate any microscopic invaders. Researchers say that’s if the T cells cannot find enough vitamin D in the blood they wont begin to party, basically adding a little sunshine into the mix does wonders for the immune system which will make you feel happier. Whatever scientists continue to discover about the sun we all know it makes us feel fantastically jazzy. So add increasing sunlight exposure to your personal maintenance toolkit.

Expanding your world

Your home is not your world, the office is not your world neither. Here’s some news, there’s a whole world outside the confines of your four walls. When you’re piss off or depressed, it may seem like your whole world exists within the confines of what you immediately experience as your world, (the four walls of the building you find yourself in) this has a limiting effect on your consciousness, confining your awareness to a limited space and range of stimuli.

Negative lenses

When you’re in a pissed off mood, negative state we tend to see everything through the negatively coloured lenses of our emotions. This mostly helps to reinforce our negative state. Things that are normally overlooked are intensified when you’re pissed off. You look in the mirror and the image that reflects back to you is alien. God help the people that you have to live with because we tend to view them under the same negative lenses, in that moment they seem like the root of your problems but in reality you’re just using them as a outlet to vent your frustrations.

At such times all of what you perceive to be their faults come flooding into your awareness.
When your wearing negative lenses you only see the problems and challenges which can be a overwhelming especially if your at your place of work or a home.

For people who find themselves home alone the target of their negativity can be reflected back at themselves, which can be very damaging especially if you haven’t got a positive metaprogram that will bring you back onto a positive outcome. I can be very judgmental at times my misses can testify to that, when my mind is left unchecked it can judge anything and everything I lay my eyes upon, I analyze everything and form a opinion. When in a negative mood it can be very destructive.

In recent years I’ve learnt to direct and control this part of my nature by engaging my mind in philosophy, science, literature and politics this gives me a healthy mix of targets to ravage with my appetite for analysis, but before I had identified the need to feed my mind a healthy menu, my mental powers were more aimed at critiquing and analyzing TV programs and people.

I was given a healthy word of advice from a friend he said a man must spend more time analyzing and critiquing himself then he does with anybody else, he said the best wood cutters are not necessarily the strongest or fastest bodied men but the men who invest a good portion of their time sharpening the tools of their trade…

What has this got to do with getting out and getting fresh air?

I learned to look at myself more than anybody else, I learned that being stuck in the confines of a closed environment has a blunting effect on the mind, your mind is the primary tool of your trade and must remain sharp to effectively work at its best. When you’re in a closed environment and in a negative state we hack away at anything that comes into our awareness. We use brute force because our mind is blunt, (negative) we may try to do things fast but it is ineffective because the mind is heavy. Like a Wood Cutter you need to retreat from the tree and give the tools of your trade a rest, taking the time out to breathe.

When you go for walk you‘re literally expanding world, like a Wood cutter sharpening and polishing his blade. Allowing some of the built-up shissle to evaporate into the air and when you return your mind, body and spirit will be better adjusted for work or play.


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