Discipline, How To Triple Your Personal Productivity

Welcome the Discipline’s. The discipline’s build the reality. A well disciplined activity creates abundance, uniqueness, create productivityJim Rohn

Bring on the Revolution

With a few simple but profound changes in Attitude and Discipline’s, you can revolutionize your Productivity.Yes that’s what I’ve been telling myself for the last hour, and it been bouncing around my awareness. A REVOLUTION in Productity, This I can Do.  This notion of revolutionizing my productivity has been raising its rebellious head, at times when I find myself drifting away into habitual subroutine of distractions. Running a home based business calls for a fine tuned awareness of time, an understand of what has to be done and Discipline of a Jedi  to get over, under or around the hurdles in the home office . Allow me explain – Just sitting in front of the pc has its hazards, hundreds of gigs of music and videos in your hard drive silently bellowing to be played let alone, the deep dark regions of the web, which are ladened with rich entertainment and teaming with topics of interest arousing your attention. Some days are ideal and some days or Damn right bad.

Okay… an ideal Session at my pc…

After my rising workout – I read last nights notes for the day, review dairy, power up pc, log on to Google log into email accounts, check mail, do a tweet, facebook, bang on with some great work, Wam bang thank you man, have a nice day.

Okay bad a session at my PC

 After my rising workout and a walk, I hit the PC with good intentions, double-clicking on Google Chrome – my destination is to my e-mail account to do the obvious, send e-mails sort through junk reply where relevant, this is the first of the day’s hurdles. One simple slip off the mouse, one momentary lapse in attention can lead you into the furthest regions of cyberspace, taking you way of course to endless pages of distraction – leaving you temporary lost in space. My intentions where practical, related to the things i had set out to do on my to do list. I dedicated 40 minutes to go through my e-mails. I have sorted through half of it and had been lost in space for a half an hour. Okay Lloyd I say to myself… Don’t cry over spilt milk – Take a break.

Ok I’m taking a break in order to stay on target relaxed and productive. Break over, I return to my list of planned tasks/activities. Ok my 40 min break has turned into a three hour distraction and rising, but I’m having fun chilaxing 60 mile from home under the sun at brighten beach. (Mega distraction)

Seven and half hour’s later am back at my desk – looking at the next thing to do on my to do list. PRIORITY ONE, Do SOME BACKGROUND RESEARCH on article morons, which shouldn’t be too hard. I have already laid out a mind map covering the general theme and I have been acting out being a moron to some degree. I love doing research on the Internet; it can be very intellectually rewarding… but so dangerously distracting.

The danger zone

Doing research and Internet is like crossing Africa’s great Zambezi River. But even worst, this triad is similar to crossing the Zambezi in as that, on one bank, is you positioned read and eager to make the crossing this represent’s you sat at your desktop ready to get suck in…

In the middle you have the great and mighty Zambezi, which in this case we can call Google. On the other side we have the green pastures of information (your destination). Under the seemly calm waters of the Zambezi, their lies hidden dangers – loose rocks in which you can lose your footing and be swept away by the currents of the search engine, into endless mirid of distractions, Temporary trials of fleeting interests. In the Zambezi their are deep depression in the river bed, in which you can be submerged in topics and discussions in forums designed to fulfil all your basic needs apart from the need for air, food and the need to Poo. In what started out to be a research expedition quickly emerges into a shopping expedition… You’ve been got by crocodiles.

There’s hope yet, their’s many disciplined and wise Googlers out there, who know the secret of the crossing. Wise Googlers turn their fire and desire into the Blue lazer. Unlike the red laser that burns all in it path, the blue laser burns when needed, and reflex at other times, Bounces when needs be, but it always maintains a disciplined structure like the subtle curve of a blue sky, this relates to you being the sun (conscious, aware you) consciously approving of the laser’s direction.

 The do’s and don’t s of working online

 In order to navigate the hazards of the home office and the internet one must be true to a few simple rules of productivity.

THE BIG ONE –    Know your outcome

Before you get anywhere near your computer, have a clear picture in your minds eye, of what’s needs to be done or accomplished.

So do – Have a pen to hand …

Write down what you’re going to do before you do it. At every stage of working, jot down your direction, this helps you to stay on track and focused… if you find yourself suddenly wondering of – you can easily see when you’re moved of course. This may sound very anal but this really carves your intentions in the mind eyes.

I practiced and use the note taking technique extensively while I was designing and constructing the original MPD space.com website which I now use as my front page, I could easily pull it down and transfer its functions to my blog ,which your reading now- But I hold on to it for sentimental reasons. I put in so much hard work and time, which was a massive personal development experience in its self, developing my memory logic discipline problem solving skills, learning basic PHP and HTML. In building the original mpdspace.com or my personal development space.com, I carried out much research, skipping from website to website writing; what seemed to be an endless dribble of programming script.

I would often find myself being distracted, losing my footing and getting lost in the currents of the web – pen and paper was my greatest ally. A notepad makes a great compass – simple and effective, use it – Particularly you goal orientated people, students, researchers, business blogger’s ect; Generally People who are their own boss, you know what! In the absence of a big bad boss you have to crack the whip on yourself, keeping your mind focused on the job at hand.

Do take notes… (This will save you a lot of time)

Have pen and paper to hand in order to write down any topics and areas of interest, that you may discover on the Internet while you’re working, Working by the way is the operative word – if its really important or relevant you can come back to it later, (during a break).  If it not worth jotting down or you can’t be bothered to jot it down – Then it’s not worth clicking on, BANG you’ve saved yourself some time – it all adds up.

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. fundamentals. Jim Rohn

Do make a note of any temporary change’s of direction, be a good supervisor

Doing work whether it be online or off line, if for some reason you have to make a temporary change of direction – i.e. adding a task to your planned work load/activities – investigating another area of interest, record it in your note pad.

If you really must, click away from your chosen direction, and take a ride down the Zambezi, other wise known as Google, to watch a movie or chat or anything that is unrelated to your to do list, be a good supervisor, record it. This will helps you to gauge and analyze your usage of time, when you do a general review of your working day.

Recording and note taking is something I learnt to use whilst in the security industry, we were encouraged to document everything we done during the 12 hour day which included any incidents, relevant conversations, codes, people names, instructions, telephone calls telephone numbers incoming and out the car registrations numbers of parked car’s outside to long… I find his practice really helpful in the running a business.

Home business do’s and don’ts

Do set yourself a firm routine. Setting firm routines helps you to build productive habits that will serve you in the long run. Those routines will work below your conscious awareness in automatic mode you won’t need to try so hard, you will just do. We human beings are creatures of habit at our core we love routines, and our days activities are filled with them – most of the day you run them automatically, while your conscious mind relaxes (The mind now works in a reactionary mode). For most people eat at the same time everyday, go to the toilet the same time each day even think the same thought every day. You can use this habitual nature to your advantage, by writing out a step by step plan /guide of the routine you want to form – be as analytically anal as possible in describing them. Once you’ve finalised your routines, action them, at the appropriate time. Good example of a basic routine

After my rising workout which is one of the first of my daily routines, I read last nights note and plans for today, review long diary, power up pc, log on to Google log into email accounts check mail, do some tweets, facebook, bang on with some great work.

Do Schedule you’re breaks

Do be organized, scheduled breaks, this will have a massive impact on your productivity and general state of being- it all about equilibrium.

On the same note – don’t take unscheduled breaks; resist the temptation to take breaks that disrupt your routine. Be disciplined be resolute, stick with your plans. As they say a well action plan is the best plan for success. In the long run the habit of sticking to your plans will solidify – into profitable routines, as Jim Rohn says the well crafted disciplines build things of worth and value or something to that effect. But of course you are your own court of law. Make wise judgments; be sure to compensate yourself and your work, for any deviations later on during the day.

Regular breaks

If it helps to increase your productivity… this would be wise advice – and a developmentally exercise, if you are adverse to a rigid structures or routines. The point here is to be consistent in your work, producing a high-quality output/work – in a relaxed manner, rather than being consistently productive while producing low-quality outputs / work, feeling emotionally deprived, trapped or pissed off by your working environment or work load. Remember you’re not a robot, your human being. Taking regular breaks can go along way in creating a relaxed environment.

A diversity in routine will bring richness to your day.

I’m a great believer in hobbies, I have many, juggling, drums, guitar, art. Hobbies are just a few of the things I may do to occupy my time during my breaks. In the spirit of diversity there are a hundred and one things I may do on my breaks, including tidying up the house which’s help’s to refresh mind and environment, Having a shower which is great for the refreshing the spirit / relaxing the mind. going for a walk which again brilliantly refreshing the mind , enlivening the body, great for expanding your world, Not to forget playing games with the family, which is fulfilling and enjoyable on so many levels. All the above equals a recipe for a brilliantly wonderful day – When actioned at the right times – in line with your work and plan. All of which adds diversity to the routine.

Do be a bad ass Motivator

Effective self-management, this is the cornerstone of your effectiveness and exercise the ability to control your desires, impulses, emotions. Exercise the capacity to jump outside, the box when you are experiencing stinking thinking.

Use your creative imagination to motivate yourself at times when you’re emotional energies are low – be a Shepherd move your mind to green pastures, take stock of your Thoughts in the same way as a shepherd take stock of the sheep. Remember sheep are to the Sheppard as thoughts are to your furture.

Do be a bad ass boss

Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do, if you had a bas ass boss standing behind you. Imagine you had your boss standing there, watching your every move. How would you conduct yourself? – Would you be watching movies during work hours? – Would you be chatting with friends on Facebook MySpace? Would you be nattering away on the phone, when it comes to work you must be your own little Hitler cracking the whip of discipline and productivity
Don’t disrespect yourself and your work.

Do make the effort to get outs of your working environment on your break (feeling pissed get over it)

To be neat and tidy, it may sound simplistic even unrelated productivity, but an orderly working environment, goes a long way in keeping up your emotional and psychological equilibrium. As was said above, these activities can be done in your breaks. just take five minutes to go around and put things back in their place’s, turn on some music, get dancing and clearing up, its what’s you make of it – it can be fun!

Don’t sleep on the job

I love to nap in the day time but left unchecked a nap can easily turn into a couple hours of sleep, at such times, I find it can sometimes, be a bit disorientating awaking with the mind blank, unsure of my direction, it’s insane, feels like a man suffering from amnesia, lost to mission and purpose. At such times, I wake myself up by reading through my plans, hitting the road for a quick run or juggle in order to wake up the mind, then hit the desk and bang it out- i.e. work hard… A quick cat nap or relaxing meditation is best, it leaves the mind refreshed.

Don’t allow your work to be disturbed by anyone your time is not refundable
Your routine must be like the rising and setting of the sun it follows a clear and defined pattern that may vary through out the year but is consistent

Do be like, an elephant have a strong will, be tenacious be persistent be optimistic, be curious about solutions or challenges, be a wise leader of yourself.

Without a sense of urgency a goal loses its value
Jim rohn

Don’t put off, what can be done today till tomorrow

Resist the urge to cut your day short, if you planned to get your work finished by the end of the day and it’s within your capacity to do so, do it. Remember, tomorrow holds its own agenda. To add to tomorrow’s workload delays your progress as you plan your plan so work your plan. If on the other hand you finish your tasks early, you can do what the hell you want, go bungee jumping, read a book, throw a party, whatever it’s your call. But avoid putting work off.

On the same note if you’ve had a really productive day and you performed above and beyond, what you expected don’t get over excited and start to celebrate expending your energy wastefully. Channel your energy and excitement into your work until your daily activities are complete. I have experienced this myself many times, i have to remind myself to stay grounded, remember winning a battle is not winning the war. Keep on track with your daily objectives.

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day
Jim rohn



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