Successfully Making The Call

Success is a journey and not a destination as I’m sure you’ve heard Time and time again.

This morning I had a number of tasks that I planned to achieve before I set out to the day job.  My goal was to rise at 430 and do some training which consists of yoga, Chi gong, African arts and a morning meditation.

I set my alarm to wake me up at 430 and it did…do you know what, I turned it off and went back to sleep, luckily I had planned for such an eventuality  so I gave myself an emotional safety net … a backup alarm set for five o’clock   just in case I was not up for the emotional strain of getting up at 430.  anyway  it rang off  at five o’clock on the dot as planned… do know what happened next…  well I turned off too and went back to sleep. But lucky enough I had a back up plan to back up my back plan…   a 6 O’clock alarm. when it rang off  I didn’t even think twice about deactivating it , my eyes slammed close and I went back to sleep Two and a half hours later I opened my eyes it was eight o’clock.

Self reminder

  • When the alarms sounds get moving  and breathing
  • Turn the lights on
  • Wash face
  • See diary

I turn the lights on to keep myself awake, then I just laid their where I stood, on the floor thinking what have I done.  At that point I felt pretty defeated, another wasted morning (for the last four mouths I’ve been out off my normal pattern because of the day job) I didn’t allow feelings of defeat to settle I shook it off and got my ass into gear and hit the road for a run to the park and a quick workout that lasted about 10 15 minutes than I ran home got in at 901 to continue my day.

I  originally planed to be out for about an hour and a half or so but  because I had missed my early time window I was going to put it off for the next morning… do you know what came to mind , a little voice said…  “It’s about successfully making the call” that’s right I said too myself, A little is better then nothing  at all, I’m going to make the call and I did it, It felt great, I won a battle.

Be regular, Be consistent

When I look back at my years of training it seems like I workout every day, if you were to ask me how often I workout…  I would probably tell you I workout twice a day everyday morning and night … which is more or less accurate. But the truth is, I may workout every day BUT it’s not always with the same intensity.

Everyday I do something. Some days it may be a solid three hours in the morning which I must say is rare and a hours yoga in the evening four hour in total, some times it may be 5 min literally, which is a run around the block and a stretch (yoga) in the morning and in the Evening one or two min which is not so great but it keeps me in the game its all about motion.

The point is to be consistent what ever the weather. sometimes shit happens sometimes your will is a bit weak or lacking, sometime you let your self down by not following through with a plan or goal, particularly the important goals/plan that consists of attaining daily benchmarks, that’s were consistency come in, you may not make the benchmark on the same day but you will make a mark on the bench and some days you will surprise yourself and break the bench and you will be thinking IS THAT ME.

Aim for 1% daily

Anthony Robbins said an improvement off 1% daily added up over the course of a year is not a three hundreds and sixty five percent increase but an increase far more than you can imagine. In Martial arts  if you do one push up and then increased that by one the next and every day continued to add one more every day at the end of the month you will be doing 30 push-ups and if you continued by the end of the year you will be doing 365 push-ups. This is because the body has already set the benchmark with the previous number and knowing this you can push yourself to do one more. It is possible to condition the body and the mind in this way to achieve peak performance one day at a time with daily conditioning.

Working with the elements fire and water

Popular opinion would say success is about all or nothing which in some cases it’s right but that only one half of the coin. If we were to merge this saying with the Chinese philosophy, this saying would be attributed to the fire principle.


Fire goes all out in a great passion of power and energy consuming all in its path. Fire is a powerful force as I’m sure you would agree. But fire can be short live burning its self out. To wield this mighty force one must use intelligence, careful planning, study, wisdom and speed you must know when to act and when to pull back or risk burn out, use it timeidly and nothing will stands in its way.


Although fire has a destructive yet transformative nature Fire is easily snuffed out by water which is the ruling or governing element on this planet. Water has the ability to flow with great force when the opportunity presents its self. Water will crash down on all obstacles that stand in its way, if the obstacle still stands it will surround by the waters desire persistence and patients.

Crushing and smashing the surface with its waves. Beneath the waves water is passionately eroding the obstacles under side, if things get two hot the waters will use its power of flexibility and transform state and then rain down on the obstacle, hitting it from above.

This Ariel attack may take the from of a  trickling rain or it may suddenly explode as a storm but one thing is certain it will survive until time its self ends be it ice water or vapour but that is not the end of water it has another secret.

A Secret that has its roots in the fire nature…  The sages say… when you overstand and master water you can do what may seem to be the impossible… in the words of  Bruce Lee be like water.

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