Affirmations… The Secret Language Of The Mind

The only difference between your mind yesterday, your mind tomorrow and your mind today is your thoughts and the beliefs you choose to hold on to. Be aware of your mental chit chat because it reveals and enforces your emotions and future actions. Use affirmation to manage the content of your mind, which will becomes your actions, habits and ultimately your destiny.

Use the following affirmations to, Become your very own cheerleader

1. I am filled with mercy, compassion and understanding.

2. This one a classic. Every day in every way I grow stronger and strong.

3. I Love this one. Today I am stronger than yesterday and tomorrow I am stronger then today.

4. This one simple but powerful. I maintain a positive mental image.

5. This ones from a 80s ragga tune, but it works and feels good – I walk like a champion and talk like a champion.

6. Specking of ragga we cant forget this one- I’m so special so special so special so special so special.

7. I take control of my mind and instincts to such degree that my actions are totally under my control.

8. I mirror and imitate positive and success people.

9. The world is my play ground.

10. Remember to congratulate your self … say to your self… great job ….or well-done… better still… I’m so wonderful.

11. Boost the entrepreneur in side……. everything I touch turns to gold.

12. This ones for your general well being. I focus on the positive and build on it.

13. I’m great… just so great.

14. I invest in my health.

15. I am healthy and happy.

16. I see Wealth pouring into my life.

17. I see your potential… I am a river of wealth.

18. Recognize your genius… I have multiple intelligences.

19. The value I provide compounds each day in a special way.

20. I have an abundance of energy.

21. I invest in my energy.

23. I am a natural genius.

24. My mind is under my control.

25. I consciously choose how to respond in all situations.

26. My thoughts and feeling are under my control and influence I direct and guide them like a master.

27. I radiate love and happiness every time I smile.

28. I am surrounded by love and unity.

29. I invest my time wisely.

30. My mind is my house so I build the house of my dreams.

31. I seek greater love, acceptance and over stand wife/husband partner.

32. I continually provide great value.

33. My success is under my control and influence.

35. I use affirmations and prayer daily before I go to bed.

36. “I am an artist with vision. Today my work is commanding the attention it deserves!”

37. Self-Esteem Affirmation: “Today I make a bold statement. The world deserves the real me and today it gets me.”

38. I love my personal development it’s just so great and I read it daily and tell all my friend about it…. whops how did that one get in there… anyway… mpd is your Personal development space.


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