Conditioning Your Mind For Success

The human mind and body is much like a musical instrument…

When I first got my guitar I would spend ages tuning it only for it to lose its tuning shortly after. I was convinced that there was something wrong with my guitar, my teacher assured me that the guitar was fine. He explained that with continued use while routinely tuning it, the guitar will hold its tuning for longer periods of time.

This meant that I had to play more regularly then I had been and refine the turning each time I played. With these simple words of wisdom, I couldn’t help but see the connection between tuning musical instrument and tuning the human mind, body and spirit.

Tuning the mind body spirit

You’re being can play any song you wish’. My number one mentor Anthony Robbins said all people are more or less the same. We can attain the same results they have made as long as we take the same actions they had. He said you must mirror their psychology, body language, their vocabulary. Again I could see the relationship between conditioning in tuning and Mirroring, it is no different from learning a tune or getting the rhythm, as you learn the tune or rhythm, repetition refines your skill, deepening the roots of your conditioning – Roots need to be watered. I know this, but I needed to be reminded, why discipline and conditioning are so important, you can tune or detune your conditioning to the extent you move towards refining it.

Mental Note no. 1

The mind ,body and spirit has a turning just like Musical instruments.

Mental Note no. 2

I am to maintain the tuning/ frequency of my disciplines and routines, Yoga gi gong, Writing, Studying, Reading, and Blogging etc.

‘A discipline is not a true discipline if you are free to leave’. This is so true, this is the condition that must be set, so this is the condition I set myself, but I slipped up. Last week I had a great family holiday in Nottingham Sherwood Forest centre parcs we all had a great time it was my son’s third birthday, whilst on holiday I kept up with my reading schedule, but I didn’t set aside any time for my daily disciplines and foetal disciplines. Although we all had a great time, my work schedule and working rhythm pay the penalty, this was evident in the fact that it took me a day to get reorganized and in the true spirit of personal development I will exercise the philosophy of learning from this experience.

Integrating a new habits, disciplines or routine, can be hair pulling frustrating, just like just tuning the strings of the guitar, and just like tuning a guitar, the habits or routine is a matter of simple conditioning. Have you ever noticed, it’s so easy to start a new regime, whether it’s fitness, diet, work or other, but after some time you drift back into the old routine or pattern. This is a simple floor in your discipline that can be fix with a persistence and inquisitive attitude. You will managed to and establish a working productive routine. This continuous management of your conditioning is the discipline that needs to be maintained protected and cared for – keep this discipline in good health.

As a kid I was told never to play with fire, while as adult the same advice holds true. You can burn much of what you worked for so hard to establish delaying the accomplishment of your goals or gold. It’s like taking three steps forward and two steps back, it’s like working all year round to cultivate a beautiful garden, and when spring comes and the flowers are blooming, you call your friends around for a wild party. The party may turn out to be good, but its come at a cost – You and your friends have trample all over your new blooms (fruit of your labour). Now mature Garden or mature discipline, on the other hand, can handle a modest party, and can quickly bounce back without to much use of will power. or hard work. .

Daily disciplines

These consists off activities tasks or exercises that you need to do on an ongoing basis to accomplish core goals or maintain your further growth. The daily disciplines can range from anything such as an exercise regime to a saving regime, work regime, studying regime these daily disciplines are essential to you’re success. One of the key characteristics of a established daily discipline is that it is some what habitual and it does not require large amounts of will power to carry out the task, that is of course as long as you maintain the your personal tuning.

Once tuned, Don’t under estimate the importance of maintaining or establishing daily discipline. Last week I let everything drop, everything from checking emails to exercising, when I got home I was over disoriented and un organized, with a massive catch up and clean up mission ahead. If you have a major goal ahead of you, one that is dependent upon your own efforts, with tasks that you can not delegate, be smart, maintain a minimal order or discipline this is great for productivity and great for conditioning.

Baby disciplines…

Are the disciplines that you plan to integrate or discipline that you are engaged in but they are still in the early stages of development or competence. Just like any baby you have to nurture these early stages of life of these disciplines until they become habitual or they will fade away as “one of these things that you planned to do but, let get away“. You know how it goes, we have all been there before, had a great idea to do this or that planned to do this or that, then forgot about it. Babies needs a lot of attention so do new disciplines, don’t let a holiday be an excuse to break your diet or some other discipline especially if it’s in it foetal stages. You know what they say the only place Break comes before success is in the dictionary.

Schedule work/task time

Your work schedule is the scaffolding that holds ups your disciplines. Your scheduled work time may be, as lose or as tight as you set your self. Your scheduled work/ task activate time should be as predictable as the rising and setting of the sun, WHY because human being are creatures of habit, Napoleon Hill mentions this element of human nature in his famous 17 success principles. Napoleon Hill describes this as cosmic habit force.

The Disciplines make the reality, Jim Rohn


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