How To Find Success In The Human Population

How to find success in the human population is a funny light hearted guide to carrier development and personal development planning

 This Personal development plan is designed for chimps, grillers and humans alike. My aim is to help you get the edge and navigate the competitive concrete jungle and find success.

Step 1    Blending in

Blending in and finding success in the concrete jungle is as easy as, fishing for ants with a banana leaf, it does not matter if you’re looking for opportunities online on the internet or off line in conventional work. All you need to do is develop a personal development plan to find you strengths have a winning attitude and learn a few simple tricks – you will be the star of the show. Human life is easy when you know their customs. Human, rules and laws. Follow these simple guidelines and you will be running the town.

 The concrete jungle it is filled with potential opportunities, but these opportunities is only available to the keen eye. You must swoop banana consciousness for opportunity consciousness.

  Step 2…      Be opportunity conscious?

How do you develop opportunity consciousness? It starts with the belief that the world is full of opportunities that are just right for you.

 Targets your area off interest in the human jungle. The humans have developed a complex web of societies, clubs and interest groups online and offline. Forage throw liberties and internet resource for groups related to your areas of interest or passions.

 Once you have found a carrier that you are passionate or interested in, find out all you can about it. Focus your energies on learning all you can – Go the extra mile as the homosapeans say and join a group or club, if available subscribe to new letters and join forums. The point here is to become as close to a pro in your area of interest as possible.  This can be done by immersing your self in the industry after some time you will feel like an insider.

 Step 3 Now keep your mind pealed for opportunities in your chosen industry and opportunities arise go for it like your racing up a banana tree for the last banana.

You’re made it up the tree

Congratulations .  Now you’re in the tree you most know how every branch in your organization is connected to you and your job role.  You must know your job role down to the letter and know the roles of these working around you; you must know how the whole office and organization is linked. Knowing the terrain will be key in moving up the ranking.

 Getting noticed

Getting noticed is easy, you’re a great beast amongst bold homos, what you really wont to get noticed for is your work. For instance if you working online  you can increase your exposure by submitting your work to article directories or broadcasting videos to sites like you tube. If you’re working offline you can submit a helpful article or report to the company new letter or blog. Submitting reports to your boss is always a good idea, be helpful give solutions problems or challenges your company is faced with.   Don’t over do it with the reprots no one likes kiss ass, be kool.

  1. Only kiss ass – give reports to your boss occasionally
  2. Make sure you name is clearly positioned  for all too see, your report  may end up higher up the food chain, viewed by the big boss
  3. Make sure your reports of some value to your boss and it address a company problem with solutions.


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