Selling Your Self To Cheap With Excusitis, Excuses Dont Cut It

Hold a Imaginary conversations with yourself

Have you heard the saying, what you practice in private your get praised for in public, A Few years ago I would spend hours, rehearsing imaginary conversations. Imagining that I could read, Imagining  being a manager at work.  I was to Some degree shy around people, especial the girlies, I would hold these imaginary conversations In my head, always seeing things the way I intended for it to work out. All That time pumping up my mental and emotional confidence,  Until had to EXPlODE into Action –

I became the manager!, I Learnt how to be comfortable in conversation with the ladies, I learn how to competently read and write, this all started by practicing in private in the Comfort of my mind. This helps you to expand your mental and emotional comfort zone, keeping in your physically comfort zone.  This was only Possible when I let go of the excuses!

What are the top excuses you use?

We’ve all have had excusitis at some time, Not facing up to reality, Hiding behind the veil of ignorance like Anickin skywalker. Excuses are dark Side, far from the light of truth. excuses don’t teach you, or get you shiz –

Throwing wet fish,

Excuses Lead you down the road of selling yourself, cheaper and cheaper, ever time you OPEN YOUR MOUTH to use them. Excuses have no real value. In fact Excuses devalue your Value, Excuses lower your sense of Self-efficacy. Excuse’s send your Pride into a state of Recession every time  you borrow form the bank of fishy excuses. Excuses are false economy – to cheap in value and to high in Cost and Interest. In reality it’s a waste of time, throwing wet fish (excuses) –

Most of the time, when you throw around excuses you’re only convincing yourself. no body else buys it, not anybody in their right mind that is. The only people who do subscribe to the of Channel Fishy Excuses, are the people who hold similar excuses, this is because they’re putting up with Your excuse to conceal their own fallacies‘ and ignorance.

The Real Reality of excuses

In reality – If you’re honest with yourself, you can  know when your lying to yourself and you know when someone else is lying, Throwing around a Pile of Bull fish – Their excuses are far to cheap, you can see them clear as day, like Fish in a bowl. Excuses offer no hiding place, You know your throwing around poo, the other person known’s your throwing around Poo, its all poo, it’s to cheap, come clean, tell it how it is, it my be uncomfortable but, the power lies just beyond the point of uncomfortably. If you think lying to other people is bad, lying to your self is even worst.

Selling excuses is like taking an intellectual suicide pill. When you lie to yourself you literally close shut mental door, after door – making you dumber and dumber… I’ve been they myself.

Can you smell Poo ?

Have you got any poo (excuses) suck to your shoe. sometimes poo is hidden at the bottom of your shoe, you might not see it, but you may smell it… Reflect have a good look at your thoughts, what excuses do you sell to yourself… Have a good sniff around and see what you can find. Like politicians  Our internal self talk is good at rapping excuses up in fancy packaging . And like lying politician we can Hide behind double talk and overcomplicated language designed to miss lead, baffle and all out confuse the listener into Mental Submission.

The truth only becomes apparent when you take a moment to sit down and Really think about TRUTH – Then the FALLACIES and LIES becomes as Clear as Day… You’ve been had!… Your Ghosts Has  done a George bush, Tony Blair act on you – you see your own flying Bull shizzle. Some times we do this to ourselves, don’t fall for your own bull crap… Think to yourself… Excuses are to cheap…

  • Search out the lying Politian Inside, challenge the sly fox who’s terrorizing your golden hen of Possibilities. Put a end to the Fish philosophy and seek out solutions.

What is the fish philosophy?

Well for one, the excusitis fish philosophy is the opposite of the Philosophy of Personal Development and must not be confused with the workplace management FISH philosophy… For one, people who own the fish philosophy live constantly out on and sea, in their own made up world. People who live by the fish philosophy hardly step foot on dry land… Very often they are faced with some discomfort or challenge or difficulty they simply throw their line out to sea and pull OUT A BIG WET FISH  (Excuse) any fish will do.They will hold their wet fish, there In Your Face as a good reason for why they can not return to dry land.

This wet fish is there reason  why they cant Do this, accomplish That, become this, go there, and  If you so happen to get hold of  Their fish (excuse) and Throw it back Out to sea, they will simply get their rod and throw another line back out to Sea, and get another fish. And if again you get hold of their fish, they will do the same thing all over Again and return their line to the ocean and start fishing.

Many people who use the fish philosophy, fish for excuses with nets, when you meet such a Person, it takes a great deal of energy to get the fish out of their boat… its can simply be a waste of energy, the ocean is a big place with a lot of fish, if you do want to help them, get them to read this or write down the explanation of the Fish philosophy for them to ponder, this my help them in the long run – they may Catch themselves in the act of fishing. a change in Philosophy is the only freedom

The Philosophy of Personal development

When your live on dry land, practicing the art of Personal development, fishing takes on a new form. instead of fishing for creative excuses, You fish’s for creative solutions and you fish for opportunities.

The Philosophy of Personal development, is a philosophy of personal growth and transformation. Right now I am on a 31 day mega peak performance challenge, – The mission is To stretch myself in order to discover new Plateaus. I let go of the fish Philosophy years ago when I decided to challenge dyslexia and all that come With It. I started to discover that I am amazingly talented in my own special way once I let go of my pile of fish – and dyslexia was a Whale of a fish.  I’ve achieve and experienced  more then I could have imaged. Since then it’s been all about, I’ve got to grow, got to Build bigger muscles. I would think to my self Lloyd, Don’t sell your self cheap – to cheap adds no value, you can be more, if difficulties don’t kill you, there can be weights to make you stronger, smarter, wiser.

Think I got to increase Think growth

Excuses just don’t cut it, Lack of Time excuses, Lack of education excuses, To cheap, lack of Knowledge to cheap of an excuse, Lack of skill to cheap of an excuse, I Thought to my self skills got to be increased, knowledge got to be increased skills got to be increased Education got to have a philosophy of continued education Confidence, I got to increase Drive, I got to increase. This means you have to work your brain and emotions to the next level of Complexity, perturbing the system is the term

  • Have a look at were you are, are you Selling your self  short?.

Look for the mother of all your excuses, the source and deal with it, for myself it was not being able to read or write, but was just to Cheap and didn’t cut it. Resolve to be what you truly wish your self to be.

Venturing Forward

  • Are you selling yourself to cheap, with  Your internal self talk?
  • Are your beliefs  supportive ? if not have a look at your Philosophy

Perhaps your beliefs are a result of certain beliefs that have become Imprinted on you, though meaningful friends, or though TV, music, books magazines. perhaps your excuses are a result of things that you Have taken in unconsciously, Again; don’t sell your sell to cheap. Remember that other peoples opinions, beliefs, excuses don’t have to be yours. It can hard not to be influenced by Other people Excuses, But keep you from venturing Forward.

Perhaps you are single and remain so because you hold, am negative Self Image, a self image that prevents you from sharing your true self or true Personality with others. Maybe you hold negative beliefs  that keep you Safe from possible heartbreak , Maybe  you rationalise excuses as real because it Keeps you safe. But this belief or excuse will never lead you to any of the Richness of life’s experiences, you will never experience your self. Holding an excuse, excuses you from facing the truth.




If you find this information helpful take part in the spirit of giving and share with a friend… each one teach one!

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