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Fixing Personal Growth To Natures Cycles

Part 2 of Fixing Personal Growth to Natures Cycles
See part one  New You For The New Moon, The 30 Day Personal Development Plan. 

The Moon – Natures Time Keeper 

The full/New moon is a perfect time to not only moon gaze, but to review your results from the last cycle, and to look at how things are going in your life in general.  Think of the moon cycles as natures alarm clock, telling you to check in with yourself. For me the Full/New Moon is that time of the cycle, to look at my goals and clarify my direction, for the up and coming cycle. As you look up at the moon ask yourself…

  •  How are you doing Personally and Spiritually
  •  Has there been any recurring themes this cycles
  •  Are there any new themes you wish to start

There are many crazy and wild myths, surrounding the moon, every thing from werewolf’s to vampires and people going a little coo coo, which we call lunatics, the word comes from the Latin root word lunar, but we are not going to go there. What we’re interested in, is plotting a realistic course for self growth and transformation, working in line with the moon cycle which averages 29.5 days. Because self growth and transformation is our point of interest, it helps to know a little about how we are connected to and influenced by the moon cycles.

Getting to Know Your Personal Phase

Observing your bigger mental and emotional cycles over the 30 day Period.  Its helps  to map out the mental and emotional cycles, in order to gain a deeper self understand. All you need to get started is a calender, note book, pen and time.  The aim here is to demonstrate, just how connected we are, ( Me, You the earth and our moon) and to encourage you to observe yourself.

So how do we continue to understand the moon, the earth and ourselves a little better, in relation to our bigger mental and emotional cycles in lunar mouth. Other then taking part in 30 day self reflection. Questions are a good starting point, in self understanding…

  • How does the moon affect the people around you?
  • How does it affect you personally?
  • How does the moon effect the earth?

These are very hard questions to answer, because there are hundred of influencing factors shaping our life, Work, Friends Family, Political environment, Health, etc. The easiest connection to draw is the fact that women’s mental menstrual cycles average at 29.5 days which is the same as the average moon cycles, do you think women are more sensitive to the moon and it phases. We will explore this question in the next post. The easiest way to build theory, of our connection to the moon, is to explore the effects the moon has on the earth we stand on.

Does the Moons Gravity Move You?

Most of us are aware, of the Moon’s gravitational affect on the tides, especially sailors. On dry land, our yellow star the sun is king and a powerful force, a force that is linked to all life on earth. If the sun were hollow, you could get 64 million moons inside it. Compared to the sun, the moon is infinitesimally tiny, but don’t be fooled by the moons size.  Because of the moons close proximity to the earth, the moon packs a mighty gravitational punch, or better still pull. I read an article by astronomer Donna O’Meara, where he speaks about the influence the moon has on the earth, and links the moon phase to volcanic eruptions. Donna’s theory is based upon some interesting facts…

  • The gravitational pull of both the Sun and the moon cause four daily tides (two low and two high)
  • If you could look back at Earth from outer space, you’d be able to see these tides bulging out on both sides of the planet.
  • The Moon gravity causes the earth to bulges by as much as eight inches.
  • Every two weeks the tides go from minimum to maximum heights when the Sun and Moon align at New Moon and Full Moon.

The movement of underground magma, and the movement of ocean tides are very similar, this is because magma is fluid like water. (Donna says, could the the moon influence the earth’s magma in the same way as it does the tide?) Does the moon influence volcanic activity, I believe the moon can, see unedited article

The Magnetic Earth and the Human Connection

Considering that the moon causes the earth to bulge as a result of it gravity, it is reasonable to assume that the moon, influence the earth magma which is molten (liquid) rock deep in side the earth. Following the basic principles of physics, it is safe to assume that the earth’s magma is connected to the earth magnetic fields.  We are also connected to the earth magnetic field – heard of the Schumann resonance 

All life, on earth  adds to the sum total of the earth’s magnetic field including you. All life on earth are made up of bio electrical forces, you to have a electrical and magnetic field.

The Bio Electromagnetic Human

from Jwsj.com  It is proven by scientists, that the human body emits physiological temperature field, magnetic field and electric field to constitute a “bio information field”.

Cells are the basic units that constitute the human body. Each unit has its set of charged particles that irradiate and absorb energy.

The human body is a radiation source, of low energy, which can emit various physical signals.
The known Bio spectrum, in the human body, ranges from infrared to weak microwave. emphasis added

Because we are  bio electrical and magnetic beings, in a bio electrical and magnetic system (earth), dancing though space with other electrical and magnetic systems, most influence being the moon and sun, it safe to assume that moon plays a role both electrical and magnetic , which effect us biological and emotionally.

The Moons Pull on Your H2o

I believe the moon influences the electrical quality of nervous system, and brain by making small changes, the way water and bio electricity behaves in the body. Its effects may manifest in different people, to varying degrees. Even though we have natural, electrical and magnetic defences, humans live in a subset of open electrical systems (your body the solar system and earth), the human bio electrical nerves system and brain is very complex and sensitive system.

In your pc, mobile or car, small electrical changes in the processors will make all the difference. 1 mini volt, is the difference between working and not, your phone turn off and on like it had a mind of it own, your car on board computer, may become temper mental, and chooses the times when it wishes to let you in, wined down window, listen to music or start.  In humans we call this emotions, which we can describe as the movement or blockage of energy.

Considering that water molecules, in the ocean are attracted, gravitationally by the moon, its is reasonable to say that the water molecules, in are own bodies are pulled by the same degree, the only difference between the water molecules, in your body and the water molecules in the oceans is, one of mass and quantity.  Using observation along, it’s easier to witness the moons effect, on large bodies of water such as the oceans, than on small bodies such as a tea spoon of water. That’s easy, modern science has documented and validated this observation, we known that the water molecule under the moons gravitational influence.

I, like many other people, argue that the moon influences more then just water, but the moon is deeply related to who we are physiological, this statement is hard to prove at our currant level of science, at our level of science I don’t even think that it is possible to prove, what we already know about what influences the moons effect on the tides, without observing the oceans, our science could not prove this by observing a bowl of water, the effect are way to subtle and more complex.

Human beings are complex system, that acts and is acted upon by many forces, because of are complex nature, we all have a unique hierarchy and mix, major and miner influences. Climate, food, genetic, up bringing, age, friends, association and the list goes on, but we are all under the umbrella of the sun, moon and stars, who knows how the moon effects you psychologically, this a question you need to find out for yourself by getting to know yourself.  In the quest of self knowledge , we need to look at ourselves at a personal level to notice how the lunar cycles influence us and how to use it for our advantage. 30 Days  to a New You

What Possibilities the Moon Cycles Present us for Self Growth and Self Understanding.

I personally, wouldn’t attribute my highs and lows solely to the moon cycles, anymore than i would attribute it to the sun, even though I feel happier in the summer months, but I do believe, the moon sets a tone that is inescapable and inseparable, we can ignore the moon, it makes know real difference, if you directly know the moon is above your head or not, or if it influences our behaviour not, it’s like gravity you can’t escape it  : )

What does matter, is how we respond to our highs and lows, what does matter,  is the understanding of our personal cycles, what does matter is the learning opportunity presented to us, to understand ourselves just that much more. This only can be done by observing ourselves, in the bigger picture of our lives and development, and how we change and grow  in cycles.

We can look at the moon, and the sun as natures clock, the sun is the hour hand and the moon the minute hand, un like a conventional clock , our cosmic clock (moon and the star) sets our external and internal rhythms.  Consciously moving into rhythm, with these natural time keepers can only be a good thing, unlike people before us, the modern world does not  rely on the moon to tell us when to plant crops or when it is safe to go out to sea, because we’ve gained a new level of mastery over these element.  We still can use the moon, to mark our progress over the course of cycles gone, and to plan personal, spiritual motives for the up and coming cycles. Using the moon as our ancestors did, and that was as a clock, this for me is the gift of the moon.

Growing With the Natural Cycles

Review your results from last cycle, and how things are going in your life in general. Having a look at your goals and clarifying your direction for the up and coming cycle.

Taking responsibility,  emotions or emoontions! Recognize your inner feelings, know that you (consciousness) are not the feelings, it is just energy going though your awareness, you don’t have to own it, it will past. Positive and negative emotions will always ebb and flow to differing degrees in the cycle. Each cycle being a gift of knowledge. To recognizing your feeling is the first step in mastering your cycle and self growth.

Emotions are intimately connected to our personal, spiritual, and professional result.   Re equalizing your self is golden.  At times of mental and emotional unbalance meditative exercises are recommended, hear are some other suggestions :-

  • Go Star Gazing *****
  • Drink Herbal Tea *
  • Do a Candle Meditation *****
  • Enjoy Some Silence Time *****
  • Go For a Walk *****
  • Clean Up *****
  • Dig Into Good Book ***
  • Burn an Incense oil ****
  • Have a Shower or Bath *****
  • Journal *****
  • Draw *****
  • Get Creative ***** 

If you find this helpful, please share and pass on to a friend, the mind renaissance is under way.


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New You For The New Moon, The 30 Day Personal Development Plan

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Dec 11

New You For The New Moon,The 30 Day Personal Development Plan

Part 1 introduction to Fixing Personal Growth To Natures Cycles

30 Days to Condition in a New Habit

It’s a full moon tonight so this makes a perfect time to start this spiritual and discipline challenge.

The original 30 day programme – moon style, nature’s personal development plan. We hear about 30 day challenge’s all the time, so what so special about this number, one minute search results says…


NASA scientist did an experiment on a group of astronaut, basically they asked them to wear concave glass’s for a 30 days.  Concave glasses invert your vision so everything you see is upside down. The scientist were surprised to see that their brains had flipped the image back up, what they concluded is that after 30 days the brain had rewired its self.

30 Days of Meditations Moon Style

Is meditation to fill up your cup or is it to empty it?  I think emptying your cup is to settle the mind. Filling the cup is to immerse yourself in mental activities, visualisation and thought exercises are good examples. It’s your choice, anyway topping up on your mediation does wonders. Consider meditation as your time to settle the mind and reinforce your vision.

Their are many benefits in taking 5 – 10 mins out to meditate. A meditation practice does wonder for self awareness, and emotions, it’s a great time to listen to the mind and tune into your inner space.  Try  meditation out for 30 days and see how you feel.

The 30 Day Phenomenon

The ancients knew there was some connection between the moon and you. This may explain why many religious and spiritual systems used 30 day time periods, such as Islam’s 30 day of Ramadan, muslims have 30 days of  fasting and prayer.  Personal development guru’s are always throwing around this 30 day number, 30 day of power, 30 day goal accomplishment, 30 days to success, 30 days to do this, 30 day to do that, 30 days to get a cat.

30 Day Personal Challenge

In my opinion Steve Palvina is the king of the 30 day challenge’s.  Mr Pavlina says its a good discipline exercise and an  opportunity to try out something new. Steve also says after 30 day if you don’t like it, you can go back to normal, if you like it keep it. This is a great philosophy, because it’s a win win situation, giving yourself the freedom to pull out after 30 days which takes away some of the apprehension about making a permanent change, you also win because you get to build some discipline Muscles over this 30 day period.

Here’s an Example, a smoker can choose to quit smoking for a month, you could go on a diet, you may decide to take up judo, you could meditate everyday, you may choose to walk instead of taking the bus. There are some great benefits to this approach. If you decide  to give yourself a break after 30 day you should feel a sense of growth and renewal. It’s also good because the discipline that you gather will synergistically infect other areas of your life.

The 29 Day Moon Phases 

When you observe the moon you’ll notice that its goes though phases. At the beginning of the cycles it’s a very fine crescent, at every subsequent evening it get bigger and bigger and then it appears as a half disk, which is the end of the first quarter and then on the 14th night of the cycle, its a full moon. It then rejoins and goes into a different phase of the cycle.  It rejoins to the third quarter, and then it disappear, this is what we call the new moon. It does not appear in the sky because its on the same side as the sun this cycle is 29 half day. see Dr David Neiman video 


  • How does the moon effect human behaviour
  • How does it affect you
  • They say women mental menstrual cycles are connected to the moon – do you think women are more sensitive to the moon and it phases.

What is your take? What is your experience? Have you got any useful facts, info , myths? Do share in the comments below.


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Fixing Personal Growth To Natures Cycles


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